Pokémon HGSS#6: Red-Headed Rival

Pokémon HGSS #5: Battle Against The Swarm


“Wow, I can’t believe you actually did it,” Beatrice said with a laugh.

“What do you mean?” Jonathan asked.

“Kurt and I were talking about whether or not you were actually going to defeat Bugsy,” Beatrice said.

“Hey, I’m a good trainer. I have two gym badges now,” Jonathan said.

190px-HeartGold_SoulSilver_LyraBeatrice shrugged.

“Yeah that’s true, but they only get harder from here. You might want to do some training here in Ilex Forest,” Beatrice said.

“I thought you want to get out of this forest as fast as you can.”

“I do!” Beatrice said looking around. “This place gives me the creeps. I just know that there are Bug Pokémon everywhere.”

Jonathan and Beatrice made their way through Ilex Forest on their way to Goldenrod City. Kurt, the Pokéball maker, had told them that Ilex Forest was full of Bug-Type Pokémon which Beatrice was not a fan of. Kurt also mentioned that there was a myth surrounding the legendary Pokémon, Celebi, which supposebly lived in the forest.

“Don’t forget our primary mission. We need to track down that red-haired Pokémon thief as well as figure out what Team Rocket is up to,” Beatrice said.

“This mission is getting very complicated,” Jonathan noted.

“You promised you’d help me,” Beatrice said crossing her arms.

“I said that I’d help you track down the red-haired boy who took the Totodile,” Jonathan said. “I didn’t say I’d help take down some criminal organization.”

“Maybe they’re connected.”

“How so?”

“Well Team Rocket stole those Slowpoke. He stole a Totodile from Professor Elm’s lab. They’re both Pokémon thieves.”

“Maybe. If thy are connected, we need to be even more careful when tracking down that guy.”

“You sound like Professor Elm. You need to stop worrying so much. I can take care of myself, you know?”

“Except when you’re walking in a Bug-filled forest,” Jonathan joked.

Beatrice scowled.

“You’re not funny,” She said.

As they walked, Jonathan heard a noise. He turned his head and looked around.

“Did you hear that?” Jonathan asked.

“Jonathan, that’s not funny,” Beatrice said.

“Shhhh, Bea. I’m serious. I heard something.”

“Well, what is it?” Beatrice asked lowering her voice.

Jonathan and Beatrice both walked quietly ahead of them. Around the corner was a small clearing in the foliage. They saw a wooden shrine in the middle of the clearing with a person standing in front of it. It was a young male with red hair.

208px-HeartGold_SoulSilver_Silver“It’s him,” Beatrice said with a sharp whisper. “That’s the red-haired boy.”

She began to move forward, but Jonathan grabbed her arm.

“Hold on, Bea. Just wait a second,” He said.

“Wait? What for? He’s standing right there.”

“It might be a trap. What if this is some kind of ambush?”

Beatrice knelt down next to Jonathan among some large bushes.

“Oh. I didn’t think about that,” She said.

“Why don’t we just take a second to assess the situation before we run in there without a plan,” Jonathan said. “We don’t want him to get away.”

Beatrice nodded.

“Ok, what’s the plan?”

The red-haired boy stood there with his arms crossed reading the words of the shrine.

“Stupid shrine, doesn’t even tell you how to summon Celebi,” He muttered to himself.

“Hold it right there, you thief!” Beatrice leaped out of the bushes and pointed a finger towards the boy.

He turned slowly towards her.

“Ummmm…who are you?” He asked.

“My name is Beatrice and I’m Professor Elm’s assistant. You stole a Totodile from his lab and I’m here to get it back,” Beatrice said.

“Marill, Marill!”

The boy looked down at the Marill.

“Look I don’t have time for this,” He said moving hair out of his face. “I’m busy here.”

“Busy being a thief?”

He looked around.

“I’m not stealing anything. Does it look like I’m currently stealing anything?” He asked.

“Just…just give back the Pokémon you stole!” Beatrice yelled.

“Yeah I don’t think so,” He pulled a Pokéball from his belt.

600px-159Croconaw.png“Go, Croconaw!”

With a red flash of light there stood a blue and white reptilian Pokémon with red spikes along its head, back, and tail. It has a large bottom jaw with some teeth sticking out.

“Croconaw!” It opened its mouth and let out a small roar.

“That’s…that’s Croconaw. The evolved version of Totodile,” Beatrice said.

“What? Are you surprised that I evolved my Pokémon? Totodile was too weak. But now Totodile is a lot stronger.”

“That Pokémon belongs to Professor Elm,” Beatrice said.

“Come and take it,” He stood his ground.

“Marill, use Bubblebeam!” Beatrice commanded.

Marill hoped forward and unleashed a high-pressured stream of bubbles towards Croconaw.

“Croconaw, use Water Gun!” The red-haired boy yelled.

Croconaw opened its mouth and unleashed its own stream of water which shot forward and cut through the bubbles. The water slammed into Marill sending it rolling back towards Beatrice.

“Marill,” It shook its head.

“Pathetic,” The boy crossed his arms.

Beatrice knelt down and picked up Marill.

“You ok, Marill?” She asked.

It nodded and Beatrice gave it a hug before setting it down at her feet.

“Well if that’s all you got, I’ll be going now,” The boy said.

“Not so fast,” Jonathan stumbled out of the bushes.

While Beatrice kept him distracted, Jonathan had managed to crawl around to the other side of the clearing. Now both of his paths out of the clearing was cut off.

The red-haired boy turned.

“Oh great, another one,” He said.

“Wait a minute,” He paushed. “I recognize you.”

Jonathan pointed to himself.


The red-haired boy looked back at Beatrice.

“I recognize the two of you. You helped rescue the Slowpoke from the well outside of Azalea Town,” He said.

“Yeah we rescued them from Team Rocket,” Beatrice said.

The boy flinched.

“That’s not possible,” He said. “Team Rocket is no more.”

“Well apparently not,” Jonathan said. “They were the ones behind the Slowpoke disappearing.”

The boy shook his head.

“No. Team Rocket can’t be back.”

“Are you… with them?” Jonathan asked.

“Team Rocket is weak! I hate them! I would never join them!” He said visibly upset.

Jonathan and Beatrice were both confused. They were so sure this boy was a part of Team Rocket. But apparently he shared their dislike for Team Rocket.

“Maybe…maybe you can help us take them down,” Beatrice said.

He glared at her.

“I don’t need your help. I can do it myself. Now get out of my way,” He said.

“Hold it. I’m not going to let you walk away with that stolen Pokémon,” Jonathan said taking a step forward.

He turned towards Jonathan.

“You going to stop me?” He asked.


“You bet I am,” Jonathan pulled out a Pokéball.

“Go, Phampy!”

With a flash of red light, the small, Elephant Pokémon had emerged from it’s Pokéball.

“Phampy!” It let out a toot from it’s nose.

“Croconaw. Take care of this one too.”


“Phampy! Use Roll Out!”

phanpy_used_rollout__by_nabhalim-dbdv475.pngPhampy rolled up into a ball and rolled forward with great speed towards the Croconaw.

“Croconaw, use Water Gun!”

Croconaw proceeded to shoot another stream of water out of its mouth. The gushing water struck Phampy but it continued to roll forward striking Croconaw in its stomach. It got knocked back as Phampy rolled away.

“Great Phampy! Use Roll Out again!” Jonathan yelled.

Phampy continued to roll picking up even more speed and went in with another strike.

“Croconaw, use Bite!”

This time as Phampy went in for the attack, Croconaw opened its jaw and clamped down hared on Phampy.

Phampy let out a small whine as Croconaw continued to bite down on Phampy.

“Phampy, get out of it!”

Phampy struggled to move as Croconaw squeezed tighter and tighter with its large jaws.

“Return, Phampy!” Jonathan held out its Pokémon and Phampy disappeared.

The red-haired boy smiled.

“That weak Pokémon was no match for Croconaw,” He sneered.

Jonathan narrowed his eyes. “How about this one?”

He pulled out another Pokéball.

600px-179Mareep“Go Mareep!” He shouted.

The electric sheep Pokémon appeared by Jonathan’s side.

“Mareep!” It baaed.

“It doesn’t matter how many Pokémon you send at me. You can’t defeat me,” The red-haired boy yelled.

“We’ll see,” Jonathan said.

“Croconaw, use Water Gun!”

“Mareep, dodge and use Thundershock!”

Croconaw opened its mouth and unleashed another stream of water. Mareep dodged out of the water of the blast and unleashed a bolt of electricity. It’s tail lit up as the electricity built up in its wool. Then it unleashed the electricity. The bolt made direct contact with Croconaw. It wobbled for a second before falling forward and landing on its stomach with its legs and arms out.

“No! Croconaw!” The boy ran forward.

“Apparently you’re not strong enough yet,” He muttered.

He opened the Pokéball and Croconaw disappeared into it.

“Way to go, Mareep!” Jonathan petted its head.


“Way to go, Jonathan!” Beatrice cheered.

The boy stood up.

“You may have defeated me this time, but I’m not giving up. I will become stronger and I will take down Team Rocket. You won’t stop me. No one will stop me,” He said.

Jonathan looked at him.

“You can’t defeat them by yourself. You’re just a kid like us,” Jonathan said.

“I’m not just a kid. I’m not like you at all,” He yelled.

“Then who are you?” Jonathan asked.

“The name is Silver,” He said.

“Silver? Like the color?” Beatrice asked.

“Or the metal?” Jonathan asked.

“It doesn’t matter. This battle was a waste of time. If Team Rocket was here in Azalea Town that means they must be here all over the Johto Region. They must be planning something and I have to stop them. I bet they’re in Goldenrod. ”

Silver turned away from Jonathan and started to walk towards Beatrice.

“Hey! Wait!” Beatrice held out her arms trying to block his path.

Silver pulled a second Pokéball from his belt.


“Go, Zubat!”

A blue and purple, bat Pokémon emerged from the ball and flapped its wings, hovering next to Silver.

“Zubat, use Supersonic!” He said.

“Zubat!” Zubat circled around Silver’s head.

“Wait, Silver!” Jonathan ran forward towards him.

Zubat unleashed a blast of sonic energy from its mouth affecting everyone around it.

Immediately, Beatrice used both of hands to cover her ears and Marill tried the same with its blue paws. Jonathan grabbed at both his ears as the sonic waves pierced his mind. Mareep shook its head unable to cover its ears.

Silver used the distraction as a get away. He ran forward pushing past Beatrice, knocking her to the ground.

“Hey!” Beatrice stumbled back and fell on her butt.

Zubat continued to unleash sonic waves which deafened both Beatrice and Jonathan. Jonathan was on his knees holding his ears. Then he looked over and noticed Mareep. Jonathan reached out a Pokéball and Mareep disappeared inside.

“He’s getting away,” Jonathan yelled, but his yells were drowned out.

Eventually Zubat stopped screeching and began flying off into the woods.

Jonathan got up off the ground and ran over to Beatrice.

“Are you ok?” He asked her as he helped Beatrice to her feet.

“Yeah I’m ok,” She said.

She looked unharmed. Just a little embarrassed.

“Marill. Marill.”

Beatrice picked up Marill and held it in her arms.

“Marill’s ok, too,” She said.

“I can’t believe he got away from us,” Jonathan said with a sigh.

“Don’t worry, Jonathan. I don’t think that will be the last time we see Silver. We’ll get him next time,” She said.

“I sure hope so.”

“At least we have more information about him. We know his name is Silver and he’s obviously training his Pokémon.”

“He also has some connection to Team Rocket. He isn’t with them, but he hates them and wants to take Team Rocket down. Wherever Team Rocket is, he’ll be there too.”

“We better head off towards Goldenrod City. Silver mentioned that’s where he’s going next,” Beatrice said.

“Plus that’s where the next Pokémon Gym is located,” Jonathan said.

“You and your gym badges,” Beatrice said rolling her eyes.

“First we need to get out of this forest.”

“I second that,” Beatrice said looking around. “I don’t want to run into any creepy-crawly, Bug Pokémon!”

“Then let’s go,” Jonathan said.

They both quickly walked along the path leading them out of Ilex Forest and towards Goldenrod City.


Header Photo Credit to Crixler on DeviantArt

All photos of Pokemon and related content used were taken from Bulbapedia

Phampy using Rollout done by Nabhalim on DeviantArt

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