Weekly Blog October 7th, 2018: Owing It All To The Fans

Hello Internet!

What a crazy busy week I’ve had, but I hope you’ve enjoyed all the wonderful pieces that came out over the past week. But before we talk about that I just want to thank everyone for all their love and support. All the views, likes, comments, and shares really mean the world to me and each month more and more people read my stuff and help me grow this community. It’s overwhelming at times and I’m just under 300 followers (at the time I write this Blog). Seriously, no matter if you’ve been here since day 1 or this is your first piece, thank you for your support. Shout out also to my own personal friends and family who read my stuff. All of you are amazing as well! This week was an amazing week to kick off October after September was another record-setting month for the website, so thank you, thank you, thank you! Now let’s quickly go over this week’s worth of published pieces. Last Sunday I published a Weekly Blog about Registering to Vote. Hopefully you read that, registered, and are ready to vote in November! It’s really important that you get out and vote. Make your voice heard. Monday was a Bulletin Board detailing this past week so you don’t really need to read that now. Tuesday, I published a sequel to Diverging Lines titled Diverging Lines Part 2. On Wednesday, I published a continuation to Jake and Miranda’s relationship titled Revisiting Great Art. On Thursday I published a continuation to Zoey’s series titled A Terrible Thing To Waste. On Friday I published the 300th piece to the website titled Meta Mash-Up (Piece #300) which is a meta story where characters past get together in a bar to poke fun at me, make jokes, and give some meta commentary about the Blog. Tomorrow, Monday the 8th I’m publishing a Bulletin Board piece detailing the jokes and characters in that piece just in case you’re new here or are not me and you missed some of them. Keep an eye out for that. And finally, on Saturday, I published the 6th chapter of my Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Fanfiction titled Pokémon HGSS#6: Red-Haired Rival. Jonathan and Beatrice make their way towards Goldenrod through Ilex Forest and run into the Pokémon thief. You’ll have to read it to find out what happens next. Sorry for all of that, but as I said we had a very busy week here on the website and I want to make sure nobody misses any pieces they wold like to read.

So after all that excitement and such a busy week, what’s this week’s Weekly Blog going to be about? Well honestly, I had a hard time coming up with something. This week was all about the build up to piece 300 and making sure all the other Writing Prompt pieces got published on time. It exhausted me and put me behind, but that’s fine. That’s what this upcoming week is for. We’ll be getting back into a nice rhythm after tomorrow with a Poem on Wednesday, Writing Prompt piece on Friday, and Pokémon Fanfiction on Saturday. Just a nice, normal, non-busy week ahead of us which should allow me to catch my breath and catch up a little. It’s hard to believe that it’s already October. I just recently planned out the rest of the year and gave myself a general idea of what stuff is going to be published from now until the end of 2018 (almost wrote 2017..oops). It’s been such a wonderful year and it’s not even over yet. I’m just excited to see what the rest of 2018 holds and what 2019 will look like. Don’t worry I fully intend to continue writing into 2019 and maybe even further. I don’t plan that far ahead, so we’ll have to see when we get there.

Anyway, the topic. Right. I’m just kind of rambling. Honestly I just want this to be a shorter Weekly Blog after all of the writing I did this week and turn the focus away from me. Usually these Weekly Blogs are about me. My opinions on things. My week of activities. My past experiences and stories. But today I’m going to turn it around and make it all about you! Yes you! Not not, you. Ok and you too. Seriously, this wouldn’t be possible without all of you. My followers might not be many compared to some, but you are mighty and you surprise and delight me everyday. I remember very early on when I was lucky to pick up one or two views a day. I’m sure I went months without a single like or comment on anything. My good weeks now get more views than whole months then.

I mean, it makes sense. When you’re starting out, you don’t really have an audience unless you’re bringing them from somewhere else. I started with nothing. But I had a New Year’s Resolution that I wanted to write more so that’s what I did. I started this Blog and started writing. It was mostly to my Mom (shout out to my Mom) and the void, but eventually it spread around WordPress. Blogs and websites with thousands of followers started to follow me and read my stuff. I got views from all over the world. The community continued to grow and grow and grow. Again I know we’re not setting the world on fire, but every single like, comment, or view really makes my day. And who knows, I might look back six months or a year from now and think these numbers are low. Hopefully, with your help, this can become bigger and bigger. When I look at the growth 2018 has had compared to 2017, it’s incredible and that wouldn’t be possible without all of you. I’d still be writing to the void…and my Mom. She has no choice. She has to read my stuff.

But for all of those you aren’t related to me or don’t know me in real life, I want to thank you once again. Fans like you really touch my life with your simple gestures of kindness. A kind comment or a wave of likes on a piece that I worked hard on lifts my spirits and gets me motivated to go forward with more writing. That’s the power that fans have. Every single one of you. Even in a crowd of (almost) 300, it can seem like one follow or follower might not make a big difference, but it really does. Even crowds of thousands or millions are made up of individuals. Individuals that have been there day after day showing their love, supporting the art or writing they love, and sending that out into the world so others can catch it and pass it on. Did that make sense? Did I get lost in my own metaphor? Anyway, I’m too tired to unravel it. Just go with me for a little bit more. Each and every single one of you are special and help make my day so thank you. Thank you for making this past week so special and helping me reach 300 published pieces. I know that together we will accomplish so many other things and reach many more milestones.

That’s enough for now. I can only say Thank You so many different ways and so many different times (Gracias!) If you liked this Weekly Blog feel free to give it a like or leave a comment down below. If you didn’t, that’s ok. Weekly Blogs are usually a little bit more coherent than this one so maybe you can check out the other Blogs I’ve written. Or just spend some time checking out the website to find some stuff you want to read. The pieces up above are a part of the over 300 pieces here on the website, so I’m sure you can find something you like to read here on the website. Again, we’re going to get back to a normal week going forward and it’s going to get a lot spookier going forward as we get close to Halloween.

Thank you for all your support and have a fantastic week!



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