Weekly Blog October 14th, 2018: Vox Machina – One Year Later

**This will contain spoilers for Critical Role Season 1**


Hello Internet!

First of all, I hope all you had a wonderful week! Around here the weather decided to co-operate and actually give us some Autumn weather. I am so happy to be wearing jeans and sweatshirts again! Honestly, it could stay this temperature all the way from now to May. I mean, yeah I’d take a week of winter around Christmas where we could have some snow and some Winter weather. But besides that, this weather is perfect to me. Anyway, here on the website, we had a great week. We got back into a normal rhythm which was fine with me. Great stuff was published and you guys supported me once again, so thank you. But just in case you didn’t get a chance to read the stuff I’ve published this week, let me got though it now. Last Sunday, I published a Weekly Blog talking about All The Awesome Fans I have here on the website. It’s a lot of praise for you guys, the readers, but it’s all true. I really do appreciate all the awesome people that read my stuff. On Monday I published a Bulletin Board post talking about All The Inside Jokes Of “Meta Mash-Up” which explained all the inside jokes to the 300th published piece (Meta Mash-Up). Go ahead and read both of those if you haven’t already. On Wednesday I published a Poem titled Mirror Mirror which is a spooky tale all about Bloody Mary…just don’t read it three times. Or do. I’m not your mother. I’m not in charge of keeping away spooky things. On Friday I published a continuation of my Dungeons and Dragons inspired story titled Willowstalker Manor. The party currently finds themselves in Augendale searching through the “Modern Graveyard” in order to track down a little girl name Chloe. They wander into the abandoned Willowstalker Manor. It may or may not get spooky. Finally, on Saturday, I published the latest chapter of my Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Fanfiction titled Pokémon HGSS#7: Goldenrod’s Gym Battle. If you’ve played Gold, Silver, Crystal, Heart Gold, or Soul Silver, you know how difficult Goldenrod’s Gym Battle with Whitney could be. Well you’ll just have to read to see how Jonathan deals with that.

So long time readers may know, I am a huge nerd. Specifically I’m a huge nerd when it comes to both Dungeons and Dragons and Critical Role. The Dungeons and Dragons game ran by Matthew Mercer and his nerdy, voice-actor friends on Geek and Sundry was really my first look into Dungeons and Dragons. I had seen some of the figurines and heard about people rolling dice and fighting dragons in their basement, but to me it was always with a negative connotation. That was before I watched these amazing voice actors play together and bring heart to the game. That’s when I fell in love with it and knew I needed to play. Since then I have played, but my main connection to Dungeons and Dragons is still Critical Role. By the time I started to watch Critical Role they were over 70 episodes in, but I marathoned through all the old episodes from their adventurers in the Underdark, the Briarwood Arc, and the Chroma Conclave Arc. By the time Vox Machina was up against Thordak, The Cinder King, I was watching along live cheering them on. Even though it was hours and hours worth of content, it really flew by. All the laughs, tears, intense moments, and action all grew together to make a wonderful show.

If you are a fan of Critical Role, I’m sure you know that this past week was the one year anniversary of Episode 115 of Season 1. This is the anniversary of Vox Machina sealing away Vecna and saving  Vaseheim and all of Tal’Dorei. It’s also the anniversary of The Raven Queen taking Vax’ildan away from the rest of Vox Machina. It was very emotional for cast, crew, and critters alike. I know that many of us still miss Vax and his 5 actions, 3 bonus actions, and hasted speed of 1000. Plus Liam O’Brien and his portrayal of the character. I mean Liam could make a potted plant dramatic and emotional. Anyway, I saw that this week, the talented, artistic, critters on Twitter put out a variety of new Vox Machina fanart with the hashtag #ThanksVoxMachina and it made think about how much I miss that group. I love The Mighty Nein and I can’t wait to see where that group will go, but there will always be something special about Vox Machina. Scanlan, Keyleth, Vax, Vex, Percy, Grog, and Pike. All amazing characters that took part in an amazing story. On top of that you also have amazing NPC’s Matt played like Allura, Kima, Gilmore, Victor, and Larkin. (Where is that guy, anyway?) And the villains. I personally loved The Chroma Conclave Arc and all the awesome dragons; especially Raishan, but Anna Ripley was my favorite villain that Vox Machina fought against. Just so many good things made Critical Role such a memorable show and Vox Machina was obviously center stage with Matt making up the background, NPC’s, and everything else.

Here we are a year after we said our goodbyes to Vox Machina. It’s true that we have The Mighty Nein filling our hearts as well as other amazing Critical Role content (E.G. Between The Sheets and All Work, No Play), but Vox Machina is the first. It’s special. They are what lead so many people to spend their Thursday Nights in front of the computer screen watching people on the internet roll die, laugh, and play Dungeons and Dragons together. And that’s special. That’s something that should be celebrated. I decided to listen through The Cantata Pansophical‘s Vox Machina/Hamilton Musical and I started rewatching the first season. I decided to start with S1E37 which is right after the Briarwood Arc and right before The Chroma Conclave Arc. We’ll see how far I’ll get, but I’m guessing that either 1) I’ll stop halfway through the Arc or 2) watch to the very end. I just can’t stop watching! Honestly if I was stuck on a desert island with only one thing to watch, it would just be Critical Role.

Ok that’s enough talking about Critical Role, unless you want to talk more about it. Then we can fangirl down in the comments. If you liked this Weekly Blog, feel free to give it a like or even leave a comment talking about your favorite episode, player character, or NPC. I’d love to talk about it all. If you didn’t like this Weekly Blog or just don’t watch Critical Role, that’s ok. There are over 300 different pieces here on the website so hopefully there should be something you’d like to read. Maybe start with the pieces I mentioned up above.

Thank you again for all the support and I hope you have a fantastic week!



Header Photo Credit to Ornerine on Twitter

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