New Dawn On The Horizon

The Bumpy Road South   After the battle against the goblins and hobgoblins, the group continued on Vern Road. They were now less than a day away from reaching Xylon and everyone seemed to be excited to finally reach their destination. However, Sigthyme remained unconscious after suffering major blood loss during the last battle. Riffen... Continue Reading →

The Bumpy Road South

Willowstalker Manor Part 2 "We will find you, Sigthyme. We fill find you." Sigthyme shook his head trying to get the voices out of his head. The same perpetual nightmare of the stone cell was tormenting him. Night after night. He felt the cold stone. We heard the screaming. "Sigthyme? Sigthyme?" Riffen shook his shoulder.... Continue Reading →

Willowstalker Manor Part 2

Willowstalker Manor   Tak and Sigthyme turned left into one of the front rooms while the rest of the party headed towards the back of the manor. Sections of the house seemed to be wet with rain and moldy while other parts were dry and dusty. Rats scurried across the floor running from one pile... Continue Reading →

Willowstalker Manor

Out of the Woods Part 2   "Chloe! Chloe!" Riffen yelled out. "Chloe! Where are you Chloe!" Juniper's yells could be heard from about 50 feet away. The group of five adventurers had left The Copper Pot, the store in town, to wander The Modern Graveyard on the north end of Augendale in order to... Continue Reading →

Out Of The Woods Part 2

Out Of The Woods   The party had found their way through The Ollick Forrest and to the Town of Augendale. Passing by the scary, abandoned buildings on the town's northern side, they made their way into the town proper where they found The Silver Oyster. This was a tavern that a Dwarvish man named... Continue Reading →

Out Of The Woods

Battle For Vern Road Juniper, Tak, Riffen, Sigthyme, and Grace all traveled on Vern Road for a few days after their encounter with the blue-skinned, Air Genasi and his group of bandits. Through long rests and some healing magic, all of them regained their health and healed their wounds. Luckily they were able to avoid... Continue Reading →

Battle For Vern Road

The Things We Run From "Ambush!" Juniper yelled as a crossbow bolt struck Riffen in the chest. Behind them they heard a scream of a girl. "Grace," Juniper yelled. "Head's up," Sigthyme said as a second crossbow bolt soared over his head. "Smash!" Tak raised his warhammer and charged towards the overturn carts, now barricades... Continue Reading →

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