Gazing At The Stars

A starlight night with no clouds in sight.
Taking in the majesty of the world above.
Fire from millions of miles away light up our night.
It pierces through space just to reach our eyes.

You’re looking up and smiling.
Your eyes twinkle in the light.
When I look into them I can see the star light.
I can see the night sky and the swirling galaxies.

This whole time everything is spinning.
The Earth revolving around the Sun.
The Sun revolving around the center of the Milky Way.
The Milky Way revolving around the center of the Universe.

But to me it’s me that is spinning.
I’m spinning around you.
My life revolving around you.
You and your eyes full of stars.

I want to capture that light.
To capture this moment of us together.
But the night does not last.
And neither does this moment.

Eventually the sun will come out and the stars will fade from view.
But I will still think back to this moment.
The stars overhead.
And you, my whole universe, wrapped in my arms.


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