Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Say my name and I’ll hear your call.

You speak to me and I’ll talk back.
Stand in front of the mirror and make a pact.

Mary, Mary, I hear you say.
Speak to me and I’ll obey.

Girls gathered together making jokes.
Thinking this ghost story is just a hoax.

But then I emerge with blood-soaked hands.
Leaving the mirror to meet my fans.

They let out a scream and try to run.
But I am just starting to have my fun.

Trapped in the bathroom banging on the door.
I leave them laying on the blood covered floor.

After they’re dead I gouge out the eyes.
Then I enter the mirror holding my prize.

I know it sounds made up and absolutely fictitious
That something this childish could cause something that vicious.

But iff you’re wondering if what I say is true.
Then you know what you will have to do.

Stand in front of the mirror and chant my name.
Go ahead and play this silly game.

Look into the mirror and say the name; it’s necessary.
Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary.


Header Photo Credit to Creepypasta The Fighters’ Wikipedia

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