This is an Image Prompt based on the image above instead of a Writing Prompt. I’m going to do one of these about once a month. They say pictures are worth a thousand words and I think it’s an interesting writing process to write a story based off of a picture instead of written prompt. The picture above comes from CubeHero’s DeviantArt Page. Enjoy!


Fable and Dustin stood on the hilltop looking across the valley. They rested a moment taking in the surrounding area. From on top of the hill, they could make out the rolling hills in the foreground and the large, snowy mountaintops on the horizon. Up above there were large white clouds filling the light blue sky. The sun was just cresting over the skyline filling the world with light. Small, white birds flew high above Fable and Dustin. Their morning chirps were pleasant and reminded Fable of a song she couldn’t quite recall.

Dustin looked down as his blade studying small imperfections near the hilt while Fable was busy taking in the sights. Both were avoiding having his last conversation.

“This world is quite beautiful,” Fable said with a small sigh.

Dustin looked up from his sword and met her gaze.

“Yeah it is,” Dustin said looking at Fable.

She turned towards him.

“I think I’m going to miss these blue skies the most,” Fable said. “Although I do love the dark stormy weather as well.”

“I always like the night sky the best,” Dustin said. “I like to look up at the stars.”

Dustin looked up into the sky and saw all the small, white birds flying around in the sky. They reminded him of the tiny points of light he loved.

“Stars are beautiful as well,” Fable said.

Dustin looked back at her and he saw that tears were streaming down her face.


Fable wiped her tears away before looking at Dustin.

“I’m sorry, Dustin,” Fable said. “I don’t know what’s coming over me. All my life all I wanted was to go home. To get back. Now…”

Her voice trailed off.

“Do…do you want to stay here?” Dustin asked unable to mask the hope in his voice.

Fable’s expression dropped. She folded her hands together.

“I…I don’t know.”

Dustin and Fable had met each other over a year and a half ago. It seemed like a chance meeting at first, but now Dustin wasn’t sure. Maybe it was fate. Destiny. Whatever they called it.

She had shown up at the same orphanage where Dustin had grown up. She showed up in the middle of a stormy night. No memories. No idea who she was. Just a calling to go West.

During their time together, more and more came back to her. Memories or dreams of a place in the West. Fable called it “Heaven’s Gate.” A way for her to get back home. Apparently Fable was…


Dustin shook his head and sheathed his sword on his side.

“Sorry. I must have drifted off,” Dustin said.

“We have been through a lot,’ Fable said grabbing hold of Dustin’s hand.

“Yeah that’s true,” Dustin managed a smile.

Fable then turned her head towards the large stone structure in front of them. Dustin followed her gaze towards the structure. It was a small, stone rotunda engraved with strange symbols that Dustin didn’t recognize. It might have been magical or some kind of language.

“Is this it? The Heaven’s Gate?” Dustin asked.

Fable took a moment before answering.

“Yes, this is it,” She said.

Dustin looked around.

“I was expecting something bigger I guess,” Dustin laughed.

Fable smiled a little.

“It might not look like much, but that’s in its best interest. Only people who know what it is, can use it to it’s full potential. Others can’t use the doorway,” Fable said.

“Yeah, that makes sense,” Dustin said.

Both Dustin and Fable grew silent again. Fable let go of Dustin’s hand and placed both her hands in front of her. Dustin continued to glance around. He was always on edge. Always looking out for the next danger.

You didn’t get this far without always being on the lookout for danger. People had hunted Fable in every town they stopped in. Some people knowing that she was powerful, magical, or just unique. Others seemed to know she wasn’t ordinary. That she was from somewhere else.

Tears built up in the corner of Dustin’s eyes and then started falling down his face.

“Don’t…don’t go,” Dustin muttered.

He hated that he said it. He was being selfish. He wanted to be with her. He didn’t want to let her go.

Fable turned towards Dustin. She also had tears streaming down her face.


“We’ve done so much together. This past year…” Dustin trembled. “This past year has been the best year of my life. I…I… I don’t know what to do without you.”

Fable smiled.

“This past year has been the best year of my life as well,” Fable said. “But… but I can’t stay. You know that.”

Dustin nodded.

“I must go home,” Fable said. “That’s been the whole purpose of this journey. If I didn’t go home now…”

Fable’s words faded.

“I have to go home, Dustin.”

“I know. I know that. I’m…I’m going to miss you so much,” Dustin said.

He was always so reserved. So calm. So stable. But now he was babbling like a baby. So embarrassing.

“I will miss you too, Dustin,” Fable said.

She leaned in close and kissed Dustin on his cheek tasting the salt on his face.

She pulled back from him.

Dustin took a step closer and pulled Fable into an embrace.

“Good luck,” Dustin whispered into her ear.

Fable wrapped her arms around Dustin’s body.

“Thank you, Dustin. Thank you for everything.”

They broke their embrace. Fable gave Dustin one more glance before walking towards the stone rotunda.

She had put off her farewell long enough.

Fable stood in the middle of the rotunda. At first it seemed like nothing was going to happen. Dustin stood there on the outside looking at her. Taking in these last few moments with her. He was no longer focused on the world around him. Just her.

The symbols engraved on the stone began to glow with a deep, blue glow. The wind began to pick up as the birds above cleared the sky. Large, white clouds came together in the sky above the rotunda shading the small area.

The symbols glowed brighter changing from blue to almost white. The light was so bright, Dustin had to shield his eyes. He could make out the outline of Fable. She was hovering above the ground. Her body was a beacon of light. Then two large wings of light emerged from her back.

Angel wings.


They symbols became brighter and Dustin lost sight of Fable. His legs buckled from under him and he fell face down on the ground.


The light faded.

Dustin looked back to the spot where Fable was standing, but there was nothing there. Just an empty rotunda.

No glowing symbols. No light. No Fable.

Dustin got up on his feet and ran forward. He stood in the middle of the rotunda looking around. He saw no sight of Fable.

“Fable! Fable!”

He glanced around panicking.

He knelt down and began to cry. No holding back now. Just a rush of emotions. He just let it all go.


Dustin raised his head. He swore he heard his name. He swore he heard a voice.

But there was nothing.

He must have just imagined it.

Dustin stood up brushing the dirt off of his leather armor. While looking down he notices something underneath his foot.

Dustin lifted his leather boot to reveal a single, white feather.

“Fable,” He said picking up the feather.

He studied it for a moment and then stuck in his armor so it sat just above his heart.

This was the end of Dustin and Fable’s journey together, but it wasn’t the end. Dustin still had a life to live. And he was determined to keep on going. Hopefully one day he would see Fable again.




Header Photo Credit to CubeHero’s DeviantArt Page.

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