Bulletin Board: Some Minor Changes to Writing Prompt Pieces

Hello Internet!

As I said yesterday’s Weekly Blog, I wanted to address the Writing Prompt pieces and make some minor twerks going forward. Basically I am a huge fan of my own Dungeons and Dragons inspired pieces and the world I am building within the Writing Prompts. Now it was working fine when I had prompts that kind of fit the theme and the characters I was creating. The first story (A Band of Misfits Try Saving The Day) was a Writing Prompt inspired piece and then I branched out from there by introducing origin stories for each of my main characters that make up the adventuring party all based on Writing Prompts. Great so far. However going forward, I don’t know if I will be able to sustain these pieces if they are based on when I can find relevant Writing Prompts. It was fine in the beginning, but as I tell the story it will be harder to find prompts that match up with the details I’m putting into the characters and the setting. I hope that makes sense. However, instead of just getting rid of these pieces or moving them into another category, I’m keeping them under the Writing Prompt umbrella.

Again these stories started there and it would seem odd to split all future pieces from their Writing Prompt cousins. I know this bends the rules a little bit, but I think it will work out. It makes sense to me. Now these Dungeons and Dragons inspired pieces will be coming out once a month. I don’t want to overwhelm the website with these pieces and turn away readers who don’t care about my fantasy world, but I also want the people that are interested in my D&D story to receive regular updates to the story. So to reiterate new Dungeons and Dragons inspired pieces will no longer be based around a Writing Prompt but will still be labeled as Writing Prompt pieces and will come out once a month in place of a regular Writing Prompt on a Friday. It won’t have a set Friday. It will just come out on one Friday, once a month.

Also to spice up Writing Prompts a little bit more, I want to add more Image Prompt pieces like the one I did in February titled Feathers. Basically I will just use the image as both the header photo and the prompt for the piece. I had a blast writing Feathers and I think Image Prompts are a really cool idea that I want to try out more regularly here on the website. Through places like Twitter and Reddit, I have saved some wonderful art from fantastic artists that inspire me to write. Some of these images I’ve been collecting would make great jumping off points for Writing Prompt pieces and I think you as the reader would really enjoy it as well. So I’m planning on having an Image Prompt at least once a month as well.

So basically out of the four or five Fridays in each month one Writing Prompt piece will be a Dungeons and Dragons inspired piece, one will be an Image Prompt piece, and the other will be your regular, run-of-the-mill Writing Prompt. The other Friday is left over for a possible second part to the other Writing Prompt pieces or for it’s own original Writing Prompt if none of the other prompts need a part 2.

None of this will take away content from you or lessen it in any way. Just trying to spice it up a little bit and maybe catch the eye of new viewers stopping by the website. Hopefully none of this confused you in anyway. But if you do have questions, comments, or concerns about this or anything else about the website make sure you leave a comment down below or email me at allen.the.writer@gmail.com. These Bulletin Board pieces are supposed to be spaces for discourse and discussion where you, as the reader, get to make your voice heard. So if you have any ways you think you can make this website better, I’d love to hear your suggestions. Just make sure you are polite to both me and fellow readers. Leave some constructive criticism or compliments on the stuff you like and I’ll make sure you read them.

Ok that’s all for now. Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a great week!


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