Vibrant Gate

Image Prompt by Choong Yeol Lee on ArtStation At first I thought I was just hearing the howling of strong winds, but there was something else. As the wind blew through the gnarled branches of the nearby wood, it carried voices along with it. The whispers of the woods woke me up from my slumber.... Continue Reading →

The Legend of the Old Sword

Image Prompt by Egor Poskryakov    Outside of the village walls stands a small hill. This hill stands out from the other green hills of the rolling plain due to the mass of rocks at the very top. Within the mound is a sword plunged into it with a bit of red fabric which flaps in... Continue Reading →

The Dragon’s Resting Place

Image Prompt Credit to Stefan Koidl on   "Are you excited Captain? We seem to be nearing the location of the bones," The sailor said as he rowed the boat across the shallow parts of the water. "Don't get your hopes up, Brutus," The Captain said eyeing the other person in the boat. "We've been down... Continue Reading →


The Witch’s Cabin The Original Image Prompt was created by Ben Bore on ArtStation.   Rhan dropped down from overtop the stone wall onto the stone and dirt street below. "Hurry, hurry. They are right on our tail," Rhan shouted up to the woman climbing over the wall. "I'm hurrying," Ninette yelled down. "It doesn't help if... Continue Reading →

Lion’s Gate

Image Prompt comes from Quentin Regnes on   The car pulled up to the house outside of town. Annabelle was immediately amazed by the large stone walls with detailed engravings. There in the middle was a large pair of bronze gates. Then on each side of the gate was a large, lion statue. No, not lion.... Continue Reading →

The World After

Image Prompt Photo done by TetaMaonja on DeviantArt   What we had could never last. It was irresponsible to think otherwise. We used resources like it was going out of style. The seas rose with the temperature. We put trash in the ocean and smog into the air. We passed our debts onto our children,... Continue Reading →

Catch The Train

Image Prompt Photo done by u/nolan192 on Reddit. (Found on r/Art)   When I was a kid, my Mother and I would argue all the time. So much so that she swore that I would grow up to be a lawyer. I was the kid that would argue with her about every single detail, never... Continue Reading →

Night Out On The Town

The image above comes from snati89's DeviantArt Page.   "Excuse me, I have detected that your phone is at a low battery percentage. Do you need a charge?" I looked up from my phone and turned towards the voice. At first I thought that someone was talking to me. This was a pretty busy outdoor mall.... Continue Reading →

The Greenhouse

The image above used for the prompt comes from Kleg's page.   Water poured from the end of the metal, watering can showering the plants with little water droplets. The water pooled on the leaves before sliding down the plant to the soil down below. I loved watching the water flow. I moved on... Continue Reading →

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