Catch The Train

Image Prompt Photo done by u/nolan192 on Reddit. (Found on r/Art)


When I was a kid, my Mother and I would argue all the time. So much so that she swore that I would grow up to be a lawyer. I was the kid that would argue with her about every single detail, never giving her an inch. I would scheme and find loopholes. Anything to get on my Mother’s nerves. She lived a hard life, but I was too ignorant to see it. Too young. Too naïve. My father on the other hand would always tell me that I would grow up to be an Astronaut or a Philosopher. Someone who would change the world. Improve it. I think that was his goal. He was just one great idea away from changing the world. He also told me that I would be a heart breaker. That boys would chase me and fall in love with me all to their determent. If they were here today, they would disappointed in me.

“Bea, where are you?” My coms crackled.

“I’m on my way,” I looked up at the cargo train on the rail above me.

“You better get here soon. Our window of opportunity is quickly closing.”

“Look I know that, Nat! I told you I’m on my way.”

“Why aren’t you in your position?”

I scoffed.

“I’m running a little late, ok?”

“Wow. Biggest heist of our lives and you’re running late. Surprise, surprise.”

“You know what, Nat? I don’t need this from you today. I see the train and I’m almost in position.”

“I hope you know what you are doing, Bea.”

“I always know what I’m doing,” I glanced back up to the train.

“Just tell me when you are in position. Nat out.”

My coms grew silent.

Behind me I could hear the sounds of sirens. I turned my head and I saw two, police vehicles gliding over the water towards me. Both had red and blue lights flashing and sirens blaring.

There was the reason I was late.

I pulled on the throttle and my hover bike accelerated. The flame in the back grew brighter as I was propelled forward. Small droplets of water splashed up and landed on my helmet’s visor. The wind blew hard blowing my leather jacket as well as small strands of my hair that had escaped the helmet.

I smiled a little under the helmet.

This is the part I liked most about heists. The chase.

I pulled on the throttle once again and the bike skimmed the surface of the water. I could easily outspeed the police and their flying cars. That wasn’t the issue. The issue was the bullet train traveling through the city. In the city it was only moving at 80 miles per hour, but once it reached the edge of the city, its speed would climb rapidly. The thing was able to travel up to 250 miles per hour. Much faster than my bike which topped out at 140.

“Come in, Nat. What’s your status?”

“Still waiting on you,” She said.

“Great. Glad to hear it. What about the train?”

“I give it about 10, maybe 12, minutes before out window shuts.”

“Ok cool. How does everything look. Have you checked on the cargo?”

“I haven’t gotten a chance, Bea. That was your job, remember?”

“Well that’s obviously your job now.”

“Since you weren’t in position and you missed the train?” Nat asked sarcastically.

“Yeah because that,” I said flatly.

I turned by head back to see a few more police officers have joined the chase. All about 200 feet behind me.

“Seriously, where are you. I hear a lot of wind.”

“Look down, I’m beneath you.”

Nat laughed.

“I’ve heard that before.”

“Ha. Ha. Just look down.”

I waved my hand at the train as I began to catch up.

Nat let out a gasp.

“Don’t tell me you’re the one on the bike being chased by the police.”

“I’m a regular, Bonnie Elizabeth Parker.”

“What happened to us going unnoticed?”

“Went out the window when I missed the train.”

“You better make it here. If you die, I’m going to bring you back to life so I can kill you myself.”

“Of course dear,” I smiled.

I could practically hear Nat rolling her eyes through the helmet.

She was always the responsible one. The true brain of the operations and of our relationship. She tried her best to keep me in line and I have to respect her for her best efforts. I was truly an unruly force. The fire to her ice.

“Wait, if you’re Bonnie, what does that make me?” Nat asked.

“I don’t know. Billy the kid?”

“Billy the kid was an American Western outlaw. Bonnie and Clyde were Great Depression Era Bankrobbers. Totally different things. And Billy the kid was a dude.”

“What about Annie Oakley?”

“She wasn’t a criminal. She just shot things for people’s entertainment.”

“Ok fine, my metaphor isn’t perfect, ok? Just drop it. I’ll see you soon.”

“You better have bells on.”

“Now that’s something I hear in the bedroom.”

Nat cut the coms.

I was never a lawyer. Or astronaut. Or philsopher. But heart breaker. Yeah I could see myself becoming a heart breaker. Right after becoming the greatest thief of all time.


Header Photo Credit to u/nolan192 on Reddit.

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