Writing Prompt Pieces: Best of 2018

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I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the holiday season. I’m not back full time yet. That won’t happen until January. However, I did want to show some love to the pieces that I’ve published during the last year. These pieces are some of my favorites and some of the most popular here on the website, but I think they deserve some more love. If you are a new reader here on the website, this will give you a chance to read through some of the best Writing Prompt and Image Prompt Pieces I published during 2018. I also included a quick summary to get you into the action even faster. Go ahead and enjoy my list of my favorite Writing Prompt Pieces of 2018 and I’ll see you in January of 2019!





An Unfamiliar Sight (ReUpload)

A teenage boy named Nathan is having problems in school just like a lot of kids. Except Nathan’s school is a magic school were kids get the ability to summon magical familiars in order to assist them. The more powerful the familiar, the more powerful the magic. It’s the day before Nathan’s 13th Birthday and he is not looking forward to finding out what his familiar might be.


Still Here

Andrew is a man out of time. Once a soldier fighting in the war of 1812, he is still living over 200 years later. Andrew heads to New Orleans to figure out the mystery behind his apparent immortality and how his girlfriend, Mary is connected to it. Immortality weighs heavily on Andrew and he is determined to find someone who can make sense of it.


Hal-I The Smart House

Bruce lives in a state of the art Smart House with a personable AI named Hal-I. She fixes him breakfast, regulates the temperature of his showers, and even picks up on subtle ticks and preferences. But when Bruce comes home the next day after a night out, Hal-I becomes concerned for his well being and pesters him about having access to his smart phone. There might even be a hint of jealousy in there.


Who’s A Good Boy?

A fun story told from the perspective of Baxter who is a very good boy.  Baxter is a dog who lives a very carefree lifestyle with his elderly owner who he loves very much. However one day, while they are on a walk, she suddenly collapses. It’s then that Baxter must jump into action and save his human.


An Unexpected Taxi Cab Ride

There’s an urban legend going around campus about a blue taxi cab that shows up out of the blue. No one has been able to confirm that this blue taxi even exists, but some say that it shows up only when you need it the most. This taxi supposedly takes you not where you want to go, but where you need to go. This theory is tested when our protagonist takes a taxi home from a party where she’s had a little too much to drink.


Catch The Train

An image prompt piece that follows the story of Bea and Nat who are in the middle of a high-tech train heist. Bea is following the train underneath the bridge on her hover bike, but she’s running a bit late. Plus there are flashing red and blue lights behind her. Nothing she couldn’t handle right? This was the biggest heist of their lives and Bea was determined to catch that train.


The Lost Girl

A semi-god with its own pocket dimension comes to our world to collect the lost and abandoned animals and bring them to its world where it takes care of them. It creates a sanctuary for animals that would only suffer if they remained in our world. However, this relationship gets complicated when a human girl shows up in the pocket dimension alongside the normal collection of lost animals. At first this god does not how to react to the little girl. Her presence is so foreign to it. But eventually it decides what it must do. This girl is a part of a bigger picture.


End Game

It was just a regular supply run in the midst of a wasteland, but Derek was caught off guard and was bitten by one of The Diseased. Derek’s girlfriend Tessa and the rest of the group rushed him back to camp to see that the military had returned after being away for years. They have great news: There has been a vaccine created to fight of The Diseased’s ability to turn healthy humans into one of them. The bad news: it only works on people who have not been bitten. This is Derek’s final 24 hours.


Roadside Horror

Sometimes a life of crime just starts out with one bad day. One really bad day. That’s our protagonists story. When driving up to her boyfriend’s parent’s cabin, she accidentally hits a doctor jogging on the side of the road. It’s then when a strange feeling overcomes her. It’s like she had absorbed his memories and skills. But that wasn’t the end of it. This feeling is quite addicting and it fuels her new blood lust that spirals and spirals. She retells the story of how it all went down.


Meta Mash-Up (Piece #300)

My 300th published piece on the website which is the most Meta piece I’ve ever published. This story involves a girl name Laura stumbling into a very strange bar. The patrons on the ground floor are all characters written into existence by a person named Allen and they have a variety of complaints they want to air. Some patrons are on the second floor celebrating new stories that are being written about them, but the other patrons are upset that their stories aren’t getting enough love. This story is full of inside jokes and characters that go way back to the first month my website was up and running.


The Witch’s Cabin

Rhan sees the magical markings on his body as a curse that he wants to get rid of so he seeks the advice of a witch living in solitude. He eventually tracks down this magical woman to find out if she knows anything about his innate magical abilities. However, the woman does not trust Rhan and thinks that he is just another human wanting to hunt her down because of her abilities.


New Dawn On The Horizon

The most recent chapter of my Dungeons and Dragons inspired Fantasy Series (as of December 2018) which focuses on our five heroes making the last leg of their journey South on Vern Road towards Xylon. During this last night on the road, Juniper and Tak have a conversation about their dynamic within the group while Sigthyme recovers from his recent injuries. Sightyme also has more visions of his past revealing more of his dark backstory. These adventurers have been through a lot, but they are hoping Xylon will hold the key to their destinies.



Honorable Mentions:

Dead In The Water

The Greenhouse

Night Out On The Town

The World After

A Child On Fire

The Truth Teller

Living With Evil


Header Photo Credit to Every Movie Has A Lesson

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