The Lost Girl

Prompt: “You are a god! Well, a semi-god with your own pocket dimension. 4 times a year you teleport all the lost and abandoned animals in the world to your utopia. Today you somehow summoned a human child.”


Four times a year I come to the Earth and collect the things that are lost and forgotten. Days when the day is the longest or the night is the longest and days when day and night are exactly the same length. Those days I bring the abandoned animals to me.  Some may call me a god or a being of great power, but really I am someone who is lost themselves. Someone who tries to give a place to live to the animals left behind my humans within my own pocket. My own world.

Here is a sanctuary to the animals that no longer fit into the world of humans. Pets like cats and dogs that were left on the side of the road to die because humans didn’t have time for them. Others were animals tortured and killed senselessly by the cruel humans. Left out in the heat with no water or out in the cold with no shelter. These are the animals I bring to me. The ones that do not know the touch of love, only the cruel hands of hate and pain. I bring them to me and I love them. I cherish them. I give them the life they should have had.

But one year was different from all the rest. I used my powers to bring the animals to me. There were dogs, cats, mice, hamsters, birds of the air, fish of the sea, snakes, frogs, and many other kinds of animals all with sad memories of abandonment and heartbreak. However, among them was a small, human girl. A human. I had never seen one in person, but I have seen them through the eyes of the animals I save. Usually they looked cruel, angry, and vicious. But not this one, this one looked sad.

She wrapped her arms around one of the nearby puppies.

“Puppy!” She squealed.

“How, how did you get here?” I asked her with a raspy voice.

She looked up at me with these large, green eyes. She looked scared and confused.

“Where am I?” She looked around.

“You are…here,” I said unsure what to call this place.

This place did not have a name. I did not have a name. Animals had no use for names of things. They didn’t care. They just wanted a place to live and thrive surrounded by love.

The little girl stood up still holding the puppy which was happily licking her face.

“Wow, you have a ton of puppies. And kitty cats. And bunnies,” She was in awe of all the animals.

“Yes I do,” I said.

What was I going to do with this girl.

“Did you have pets?” I asked her.

She shook her head.

“No, Dad never let me. Said I wasn’t responsible for pets. He said they cost too much money and I wouldn’t take care of them,” She got quieter as she spoke. “I tried to convince him, but he…he wouldn’t let me.”

I reached out my hand to her and she did not resist. I saw through her eyes just like I did with the pets. There I saw pain, violence, and abandonment. The feelings stronger than I ever felt them. They stretched into my core.

I stepped back holding my chest.

“He hurt you. Over and over,” I said.

The little girl was crying.

“Mom told me not to make him mad, but I just wanted a puppy. I thought that it would give me something to keep me busy. That way I wouldn’t bother Dad.”

Pain continued to resonate from her. Hate. Sadness. Death.

“You may stay here for as long as you like,” I said to the girl. “All of these animals need someone to take care of them. Think you can do that?”

She looked up at me again.

“You mean all of these animals are mine?”

I nodded.

“All of them,” I said.

She smiled and hugged the puppy tighter.

“All the animals you see were hurt. Abandoned. Unloved. But now they get a second chance at life. A place where they will be taken care of. Protected. Loved. Do you think you can do that?” I asked her.

She nodded.

“Of course!”

I knelt down next to her and undid my heavy cloak. I pulled it off and wrapped it around her. The cloak wrapped around her, shimmering and changing until it was the perfect fit for her.

She put down the puppy and wrapped her arms around my body.

“Thank you! Thank you!”

“You’re welcome,” I whispered in her ear.


I looked around for a second. A small brown lab puppy sat at my feet. It barked so I picked it up off the ground.

“Puppy!” I said petting it and it returned the favor by licking my face.

I laughed.

All around me there were animals of all kinds. Dogs. Cats. Bunnies. Birds. Fish. Even lizards. I was so excited to meet all of them.

I put the puppy back down and it ran off towards the rest of the animals. All of them were barking and playing, having so much fun. There happiness seemed to radiate off of them.

I tugged on the cloak on my shoulders and I skipped forward ready to meet all my new friends.


Header Photo Credit to Jeremiah Morelli

Writing Prompt submitted to r/WritingPrompts by u/WellilBeDamend

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