Midsummer Memories

School it out and it’s time to play.
Learning a whole new type of way.
No homework, quizzes, or presentations in school.
Just tested by our peers with the same ridicule.

The school year is over and we’re done with Prom Kings.
We’ve moved on to the summer and new gatherings.
The parties are hot and the water is cold.
We’re living our lives like we’ll never get old.

Living in the moment, no time for consequences.
Just living our life with out common senses.
We jump through each obstacle without even a thought.
Running and hiding, not trying to get caught.

We live our lives like we’re the monarchs that rule.
Days in the streets and nights by the pool.
The conversations we have are life and death.
These moments make us stop and take a breath.

The friendships we make during this summer break.
They will last forever, make no mistake.
We are now brothers and sisters, bonded together.
Able to face any trail, including this weather.

Header Photo Credit to Gipsypixel.com

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