Lost Love

Her words are like tattoos. Burned deep into my skin like a blackened scar. Her voice echoes in my head. Like a song where I know the music but not the lyrics. Her face is like a fleeting memory. The more I think back, the more blurred it becomes. Her eyes, lost sapphires. Her smile,... Continue Reading →

Enduring Love

Prompt: "It took 500 years of eternal youth to find true love once again. A year later, you reveal your immortality to her. She smiles sadly, admitting that, before you met, she sacrificed most of her lifespan for a sure chance of true love, showing you gray hairs that hadn’t been there the day before."... Continue Reading →

The Lost Girl

Prompt: "You are a god! Well, a semi-god with your own pocket dimension. 4 times a year you teleport all the lost and abandoned animals in the world to your utopia. Today you somehow summoned a human child."   Four times a year I come to the Earth and collect the things that are lost and... Continue Reading →

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