Lost Love

Her words are like tattoos.
Burned deep into my skin like a blackened scar.
Her voice echoes in my head.
Like a song where I know the music but not the lyrics.
Her face is like a fleeting memory.
The more I think back, the more blurred it becomes.
Her eyes, lost sapphires.
Her smile, pearls tossed back into the ocean.
A hole within my heart.
Unable to be filled again.
A candle extinguished.
A star no longer shining.
She is nothing but shadow where a person once stood.
A snowfall that is now trampled mud.
A beacon of happiness that is no longer around.
I call out to her but my words fall on deaf ears.
She is gone and she has taken my heart with her.
Love lost.

Lost love.


Header Photo Credit to The Odyssey Online

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