Special Weekly Blog: Explaining My Dungeons and Dragons Inspired World [D&D]

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As many of you may know, I have an ongoing fantasy series based on my home-brewed world of Dungeons and Dragons. A new chapter is coming out tomorrow, but before that comes out, I thought I’d provide some information for all those readers out there that might want to jump into this or started the series and then lost interest. This next chapter is a good one to start if you haven’t gotten into it yet. This Special Weekly Blog will give you information about the characters, the setting, and the story so far so you can just jump into it without having to read everything else. However, if this does make you want to read everything else, I will include a link to every piece that has come out following this story at the bottom of this blog! Now let’s talk about the world.

Miranell – Continent

Fallen Kingdom/
Dark Lands

Fendrellion – Country

Soulon –


Ohn’Serine – Region

Mardrec – Region

Frost Haven –
Capital City

Perralyth –
Capital City

Xylon –
Capital City/
Capital of Fendrellion

Gaea Mountains

Ollick Forrest

The story takes place on the Eastern Part of the continent: Miranell. Miranell is split into two large sections with The Gaea Mountains running down the center. In the West is The Fallen Kingdoms or The Dark Lands or The Outskirts. Long before our adventurers were alive, the Western Part of Miranell was a prosperous kingdom but dark forces rose up and the whole continent was destroyed. In the East is the much smaller country which is called Fendrellion which is a confederacy made up of three, semi-independent regions. The North-West region of Fendrellion is Soulon which is a mostly Human region that is usually cold and snowy. Riffen Selorn, the Half-Elf Prince is from the capital city, Frost Haven, which is ruled by King Herrick Selorn and Queen Wendy Selorn. The North-East Region of Fendrellion is Ohn’Serine which is a mostly Elven Kingdom ruled by King Trenton Rosewood and Queen Cynthia Rosewood. Juniper Duskmere and her brother, Julian is from Perralyth which is the capital of this region. In the South there is a large, diverse region that makes up the third part of Fendrellion. This region is called Mardrec. In this region, there are many diverse cities including Xylon which is a large mining town which acts as the capital city of Mardec as well as the seat of the entire country. The Gaea Mountains are a large mountain range that seperates the West from the East and the main passage through the Gaea Mountains are controlled by the military. The Black Gate sits near the city of Augendale and represents the Eastern part of the passage while The Gray Gate represents the Western part of the passage and last stop before leaving Fendrellion and entering the dark lands. In the center of Fendrellion is a large forest called Ollick Forrest which acts as a buffer between the three regions. There are rumors that magic from The Feywild leak into the woods and that there is a rebellious clan of Elves living out in the forest. Currently the country of Fendrellion is growing in wealth and culture, but the thoughts of war are still in the back of many people’s minds. Creatures still spill out from Ollick Forrest and over the Gaea Mountains so battle is still not out of the question. On top of that, there is some rising tension between the three regions as well as a question of authority between Fendrellion as a country and the regions.

In this world a group of five adventurers have come together each with their own backstories and quest. They met up in Bishop and are currently traveling on Vern Road towards the City of Xylon.

c8d1e0ba7d8c99bcf8aabf3361af9bc6--elves-fantasy-fantasy-maleThe first of these adventurers is Prince Riffen Selorn of the Human Kingdom of Soulon. His father a Human King, and his mother an Elven Queen, Riffen is seen as an image of balance between Humans and Elves. He was destined to marry Princess Lily Rosewood of the Elven Kingdom of Perralyth to unite the two regions, but Riffen ran away before the wedding was finalized. He is truly in love with Lillian Evergreen, The Captain of the King’s Guard and best friend to Riffen. However, after confessing his love for her, Lillian Evergreen left town in the middle of the night. Riffen then relied on Lilly Rosewood’s power of scrying to find out that Lillian was heading towards Xylon. So Riffen left on his horse first to Bishop where he met the others and then traveled on to Xylon to track down his best friend and crush, Lillian Evergreen.

G8JqYKwOn this adventure is Sigthyme Bolger, a Hafling Bard who loves music, telling jokes, and hitting on women. He wields both his rapier and his violin. His backstory has been hidden from the rest of the party members, but through dream sequences and flashbacks, readers have seen pieces of his dark past. Sigthyme was an orphan raised to be a magic wielding soldier by a cult that worships The Devil King of the Nine Hells. Thanks to one of the cult members, Brother Haxiss, Sigthyme escaped the cult at the cost of the life of Brother Haxiss. Since then Sigthyme wandered among the foothills of the Gaea Mountains trying to evade capture of the cult while also seeking out information on other “Shadow Children” that the cult created. Among these foothills, he met Tak.

the_worlds_deadliest_pacifist_by_daleicious_d1zd9ou-fullviewTak (just Tak) is a Goliath Barbarian born from a tribe that resides in the foothills of the Gaea Mountains. He grew up an outsider of the herd due to a large, birthmark across the back of his shoulders in the shape of a leviathan. This marking is supposedly a dark omen with innate magical ability that got Tak kicked out of the tribe. After he left, Tak was raised by a White-skinned Tiefling named Peace. After a few years, Tak grew tired of the farm work and manual labor and decided he wanted to be an adventurer. He left to head towards the Town of Bishop where he ran into Sigthyme. Since then they have formed a strong bond relying on each other’s strengths.

tumblr_p7yiqknkAP1riuqaho1_1280The Fourth member of this group is Juniper Duskmere, the Elven Ranger from the Elven City of Perralyth. Her and her brother, Julian Duskmere, are children of wealthy merchants who and they lived a good life. While Julian focused on his studies and taking up the family business, Juniper preferred playing in the mud and exploring the woodlands. When they were little, Juniper befriended a small red Dragon named Piakol (nicknamed Pickle) which became her closest friend. Juniper was called her action when her brother, Julian began acting odd and he suddenly left his family. She believes that Julian was cursed so she is seeking out help in Xylon to both track down her brother and find out information about the curse. During this time in the woods, she stumbled upon slavers who had captured a girl named Grace. After Juniper saved her, Grace joined the group.

dnd_challenge__aasimar_by_annahelme_dajdpcl-preThe fifth member of the group is Grace Leroux a teenage girl with angel blood running in her veins. She is a rogue who has always looked out for herself above all else, but she has recently became friends with both Juniper and Riffen. She respects Tak and does not trust Sigthyme. Grace does not fully understand her Aasamir abilities, so she is seeking out refuge in Frost Haven with a Priest that she has heard has taken in people like her in the past. Currently she is traveling with Juniper because Juniper saved her life, but after traveling to Xylon, she wants to make it to Frost Haven.

Riffen, Sigthyme, Tak, Juniper, and Grace have all traveled together from The Soulon City of Bishop down the Vern Road towards Xylon. Along the way they have encountered bandits, goblins, ghosts, and even a troll. They have fought all of them and survived. Now they are on  the edge of Xylon and the next chapter of their journey begins. Everyone has something to look forward to in the large, mining city, but it is unknown whether or not Xylon really holds all the answer they are looking for.


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Header Photo Credit to Paizo

Picture of “Riffen” I found on Pinterest. If anyone knows the source of the image, please let me know.

Picture of “Sigthyme” credit to Myth Weavers

Picture of “Tak” credit to Daleicious on DeviantArt

Picture of “Juniper” credit to Petti-Fog on Tumblr

Picture of “Grace” credit to Anna Helme on DeviantArt


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