My Top 5 Writing Prompts of 2019

Writing Prompt Pieces: Best of 2018


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I thought I’d take a second and reflect on 2019 by sharing some of my favorite Writing Prompts I wrote this year and put them in a nice list for all of you to enjoy. Last year I broke them up by month and highlighted 12 Writing Prompt Pieces (Plus some honorable mentions). However, this year there were some very bare months and I am not able to break up the list that way. This year I’ve listed five of my top Writing Prompt Pieces (plus some extras) which I think you may enjoy to either read for the first time or revisit as we reflect on 2019. These also have some plot summaries if you want to give the summary a quick read before jumping into the Writing Prompt Pieces.




Top 5 Writing Prompts (In Chronological Order):

1. Naturally Gifted Part 1 and Naturally Gifted Part 2

Three best friends grow up in a small town and teach themselves to use Druidic magic. These abilities come in handy when a group of traveling merchants arrive in town and bring with them a flock of vicious harpies. When the town is attacked the three friends must fight back using their untested magic abilities


2. Intelligent Loss

The world’s most advanced Artificial Intelligence named Cosmo gets switched off from active mode to resting mode expecting to wake back up in an instant. Instead the AI gets switched on accidentally many years later to a new reality without any humans present. First the AI thinks it is some kind of test which is similar to tasks and games it has played in the past, but eventually the dark reality sets in.


3. The Dragon’s Resting Place

A Pirate Captain backed by a mysterious organization arrives to the location of a dragon skeleton which was recently discovered and sits at the bottom of a shallow sea. There is is an immediate power struggle between these Pirates and the local natives which both want the bones and the innate magic which is preserved in what’s left of the dragon.


4. An Almost Perfect Recreation

A man wakes up in a room that is somehow both foreign and familiar to him. It is almost a perfect room that brings comfort but there is one thing that seems to be sticking out like a sore thumb. It’s this mysterious item, a vase, which holds the secrets to what this place is and how he got here in the first place.


5. The Outbreak Is Contained, I Promise

The Zombie Apocalypse is less of an world-ending event and more of a slight blimp in world history with the outbreak being easily contained. However, some people went overboard with their zombie plans and assumed the world was over when the first bit of information about real life zombies hit the news. Even though the zombie outbreak has been contained, some people still hide in boarded up homes, set with booby traps and it Special Agent Lyston’s job to coax those people out of their homes and back into society.


Bonus: The Farmer’s Heir Part 1 and The Farmer’s Heir Part 2

A baby boy is born in a small farming town within a large, oppressive empire. It is quickly found out that the boy is destined to become the hero the world needs which will kill the Emperor and free the people from tyranny. The Emperor hears about the child and sends his best assassins and agents to collect the child and his family. The child’s parents assume these agents are there to kill the child, but they come with a different message. They want to bring the child back to the capital city to raise the child so the boy can fulfill his destiny.


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