Weekly Blog April 8th, 2018: Writing/Talking About Myself

Hello Internet!

How is everyone doing? I hope you are doing well. My week was a little lackluster to be honest. Right now it’s supposed to be Spring but the Midwest can’t make up it’s mind so it’s snow one day and rain the next. Then cold. Then 70 degrees Fahrenheit. We even had threats of tornadoes this week. So yeah, super fun. Anyway I hope you had a wonderful week and a wonderful start to April. This week was another awesome week her on the website. Two weeks ago we passed 200 pieces and this week we passed 150 followers, so yay milestones! Thank you so much for making that happen. Last Sunday we actually had two Weekly Blogs. One was about April Fool’s Day and was in Morse Code and the other was about Easter with a sprinkling of April Fool’s Day. On Wednesday we had a new Poem all about being in the moment where you’re surrounded by friends, you’re having a good time, and you’re on top of the world. It was called “Nights Like This.” On Friday we had a Writing Prompt piece from the perspective of a Dog which was a blast to write. A serious tip I give for writers is that if you ever have writer’s block, just start writing stream of consciousness for a dog. It is super fun and it gets your fingers moving and brain working. There’s some free writing advice for ya. And then on Saturday we had Part 2 to the 200th piece. Check out Warrior’s Bond Part 1 and Warrior’s Bond Part 2 if you haven’t already. Both were really fun to write and I would love to get some more views from everyone. That’s looking back. Now looking forward I just want to let everyone know that I’m planning on releasing a Bulletin Board Community Post tomorrow talking about the future of Writing Prompts going forward. Don’t worry they are not going away. Just some changes to add some diversity going forward. It should be short, but be on a lookout for that tomorrow if you enjoy the Writing Prompt pieces. Ok that’s all for now. Sorry for that long intro. Let’s get on with it!

So one thing I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks is applying for jobs. Now for the past couple of months I’ve been applying to a lot of jobs, but this week in particular I reached out to two potential places that I think would be a great fit for me. Both are political office jobs that would require a lot of writing skills. Both positions I would be perfect for and I am really interested in. Well both of these positions required that I write some kind of personal statement as well as send in my resume. Not a big deal. Lots of places have you write a cover letter or personal statement. Especially if the job requires you to have good writing skills. However, for me, it had been a while since I wrote a proper cover letter and I basically I had to start from scratch. My resume I just update as I go and make changes to it if I feel like it’s too outdated or plain. But these personal statements I had to start from scratch. A blank sheet.

Now that can be scary for a writer. A blank sheet of paper or a blank word document can be intimidating when you don’t know what to write. And I think it’s one step worse when you have to write about yourself. Now obviously I have a blog (which you are reading right now) and I talk about myself on this blog. But it’s not like anyone is reading this and determining my future…or at least I hope they aren’t… This isn’t a job interview. This is just me rambling about my love of rain or how uneducated I am when it comes to filing my taxes. A personal statement or cover letter is the job interview before the job interview. You are writing about yourself in a way that the employer decides you are worth their time to set up a face-to-face interview for. So there’s a lot of pressure there. Plus this person is a complete stranger. They don’t know you or your little quirks or your mannerisms. You don’t know if they like the same stuff as you. Like should I mention my love of Pokemon or that I’ve never seen Game of Thrones. Will they toss out my application just because I don’t know the difference between A Stark and A Lannister? (I had to Google those names.) The general rule of thumb is that you should keep things professional and not start on tangents, but you are also supposed to show some personality and give yourself a leg up. Make yourself stand out. Tell the company that you will be a great asset and they would be missing out on a huge opportunity if they didn’t hire you. That’s a lot to do when you can’t rely on television or book references. Like should I include that I’m a Ravenclaw? That might be important!

Anyway, that was my past couple of weeks. Trying to nail down the perfect cover letter and personal statement letting these people know that I have skills and that they should give me money. And honestly it was kind of difficult selling myself. That’s what it boils down to. You are a product they must pay to use at an hourly rate and you have to prove that you are the best. You’re not going to break down. You’re not going to cause problems. You’re going to come in to the company and be a team player…while also revolutionizing everything for the better…without ruffling any feathers or rocking the boat too much. It’s a delicate balance you have to achieve. And I’m very much a fictional writer. I love writing about dragons and aliens and superheroes. Not Allen the guy who goes on Facebook rants about the Government and recently got into Minecraft again. (Just picked it up on the Switch and having a really good time.) Plus I have to talk about politics when applying for a political position. Politics is usually something you are supposed to steer away from, but in my position you have to lay out your cards and say I am a ____ and here’s why. You have to talk about controversial stuff to show that you have a passion for it. But you can’t go too far or you might shut the door on the potential job because the person doesn’t agree with your positions. Now I don’t know if that’s what really happens or if that’s even legal, but I swear I’ve been turned away from jobs because of my politics. Can I prove it? No. But I feel it deep down in my soul.

Sorry, I don’t really want to talk about politics. That wasn’t the goal of this Weekly Blog. Basically I just want to say that I had to write multiple pages all about myself and hype myself up so that I will have money in my bank account. Man I really need some money. (If anyone at WordPress is reading this and wants to throw tons of money at me for my content, just hit me up at allen.the.writer@gmail.com. I’ll keep my eyes open for your email.) Writing about yourself is not super easy. At least for me. I guess if you have practice at it, you are probably pretty good at it. But not me. I just had to try my best and I hope something sticks. I haven’t heard anything back yet from either of the jobs, but it’s only been a week. I’m still hoping I hear something in the near future! Seriously, my bank account is crying tears of blood. It needs serious medical attention.

Thank you all for reading that mess of words and I hope you enjoyed it. That one got a little rambly. But it was fun and I’m sure you had fun. That’s what really counts. If you liked this Weekly Blog, feel free to give it a like or leave a comment down below. Leave some words of encouragement, some helpful tips for others needing to write cover letters or personal statements, or just your experience with writing about yourself. Do you find it easy or difficult? Let me know if the comments. Also make sure you check out all the stuff that got published this week if you haven’t already. If you’re new to the website, make sure you stay awhile and check it out. There are tons of fun stuff being written each week by yours truly and it would mean the world to me if you would give it your view. I’m really appreciative of viewers new and old! Your views, likes, comments, and shares really do mean the world to me!

Thank you again and I hope you have a fantastic week!




Header Photo Credit to The Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration for the Republic of Namibia (Yeah..I don’t know either)

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