The idea for this poem comes from an old post I saw years ago where someone was given the challenge of describing a color without naming it. It might actually have been the color Red now that I’m thinking about it. Anyway, I couldn’t find the original post, but I thought I’d try to do the same thing.

The cloak of the little girl delivering food to her grandmother.
The paint of the firetruck passing the family car on the road.
The hair of Charlie Brown’s major crush.
The ripe strawberries you pull off a vine and pop into your mouth.
The valentine you receive from your first boyfriend.
The birthday cake your mom makes which is covered in cream cheese frosting.
The nicks on your face after the first time you tried shaving.
The pepper you eat on a dare.
The sports car you dream about.
The nosebleed you get after sticking up to the school’s bully.
The embarrassment on your face after you ask your crush to Prom.
The large, juicy apple you pick off a tree.
The lips of your future wife during your first date.
The color of your face during the heat of an argument.
The dozen roses you buy your wife to make up for your mistake.
The hot coals you use to toast your marshmallows.
The glass of wine you have after a long day at the office.
The light that causes you to slam on your brakes.
The ruby necklace you get for your 40th anniversary.
The last bit of light when the sun sets.



Header Photo Credit to Rainbow Aesthetic-Textures Tumblr

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