Bulletin Board: I’m Back…Almost (5/16/21)

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well. You might be surprised to see a Bulletin Board Post since it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted one. Some of you might not know what this is. Basically, I use these Bulletin Board Posts as mini-blogs/community updates/places for discussion when it comes to the website. It’s a way to reach out to all of you without making it into a big, proper blog.

Now as I’m sure you all know, I was on a bit of a summer break for the past couple of weeks and I was going to come back in full force with a new Weekly Blog today. Well…that didn’t quite happen. I have been super busy the past couple of weeks with moving and starting a new job that I’ve fallen behind on writing. I’ve gotten some stuff written and ready to publish, but I just wasn’t able to get this Weekly Blog fully written in time. Don’t worry, I’m still coming back with new stuff this week starting with a new Poem on Wednesday, and I’m just pushing back the Weekly Blog one week. Honestly I’ve wanted to talk about this topic for awhile but it just keeps getting bumped for other Weekly Blog topics.

So yeah I’m back or almost back, and I will continue to publish things on a semi-reliable schedule. Depending on how busy I am with work and other stuff, things might fall through the cracks a bit, but I’m trying my best to manage my time and find the motivation to write. I want to keep this Weekly Blog going strong for the foreseeable future. 

Thank you for supporting me and I hope you have a wonderful week!


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