Character Creation #5 – Combuster “Buster” Wellington

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Everyone seemed to really like my last Character Creation when I focused on a past D&D Character I had made and played with. Even though this was a character that did not show up in any of my published pieces, people really seemed to enjoy it. So today I’ve brought you another D&D character from a past game. Actually it’s the same campaign that I played Zariel in, but Zariel ended up dying only a few sessions in so I played this character for a few more sessions before the campaign came to an abrupt halt. I will be returning to established characters, but for now I’m enjoying just talking about D&D Characters!

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Character Creation #4 – Zaedel 

Name: Combuster Wellington

Age: 26

Gender: He/Him

D&D Race: Fire Genasi

D&D Class: Bard (Level 5) – College of Lore

Physical Description: Combuster “Buster” Wellington is a Fire Genasi with dark, red skin and bright yellow eyes. His hair is red and black and has a resemblance to burning fire. He wears a sailor’s outfit with large, captain boots and a large captain coat. Buster always has a big smile on his face and he is friendly and flirtatious with everyone. He walks with a swagger like a male peacock strutting around town. He carries a viol and bow which he uses to play music. This instrument also acts as his magical focus and often when he plays the viol, small bits of fire and magic can be seen dancing on the strings. 

Personality: Buster Wellington is a perfect mix between drunk pirate captain, southern farmer, and rockstar. He speaks in a Southern American Accent and he sings with a Southern Drawl. He is very personable and loves to talk and flirt with everyone. Buster is a performer who loves being the center of attention and likes showing off to a crowd. However, Buster is also a great storyteller and listener. Some of his best tales come from the people he has met along the way and he often finds himself among the common folk just sharing an ale and talking about the local gossip. Even though Buster has high charismas and most people find him at least a little bit charming, he has a history of getting trouble due to his love of drama. 

Ideals: Combuster Wellington is a man of the common people and he loves the stories they tell. He also loves being the center of attention and he strives for greatness in his everyday life. He has aspirations of being the most famous musician and storyteller in the entire realm. Combuster dreams of playing for Kings and Queens.  

Bonds: Combuster sees himself as an ally to the common man and he tries his best to uplift their stories and experiences. He usually plays as a solo act, but he welcomes playing with other musicians or bards. His strongest ties are to the city of Zemmond where his mother, Sarah Wellington lives and runs a bakery. He has plenty of great memories of helping his Mom in the kitchen, baking fresh pastries and breads. His father is not in his life, but Combuster sees that as his father’s lost. He has no interest in seeking out his father. He is just very grateful that his human Mother raised a Fire Genasi kid all by herself. Combuster also has a tie to this new adventuring party he met in Klayport. They are a strange bunch but he is having lots of fun adventuring and fighting Pirates in the seas outside of Klayport. Originally Combuster had a crush on one of the other male adventurers, named Kymiros, but now has his eyes set on a woman named Thea who he helped rescue from a Pirate Ship. 

Flaws: Combuster loves drama and lives for it. He is very talkative to the point where some people find him annoying and way too much. He loves butting his head into conversations even if he really doesn’t belong. Combuster also has a hard time taking things seriously and loves playing off serious moments for a laugh. He likes to float through life without taking on serious commitments. 

Strengths: Combuster “Buster” Wellington is a charismatic bard who is great at talking, singing, and playing his viol. He is a bold musician who loves mixing the styles of city music and folk music. He is very good at striking up conversations with others and can be very persuasive or deceptive depending on the situation at hand. He is pretty nimble and quick on his feet and he sometimes utilizes a rapier to fight. However, Buster is more likely to stand in the back and use his music to create a variety of fire-based spells. He can also use his magical music to enchant others and make them friendly to him. Even though Combuster is not the smartest person, he draws on his knowledge of stories to help him with his knowledge of past events and magic. 

Weaknesses: Although Buster is quite charismatic and has a dashing smile, he lacks many other excellent traits. He is not very intelligent or wise, nor is he strong or hardy. He is not used to fighting in tough situations and would not do well in an upclose battle. He also lacks the mental fortitude to stand against the enchantment spells he uses to persuade others. If Buster cannot talk his way out of the situation and must rely on his combat prowess, he might end up bruised and bloody.

Background/Backstory: Combuster “Buster” Wellington is a Fire Genasi who was born to a Human Mother who loved in Zemmond. He was raised by his single mother and spent a lot of time in her bakery called “Red Rose Bakery.” Many people were curious or worried about a Fire Genasi Child, but Sarah Wellington did her best to keep Combuster from becoming a fiery menace. Growing up he gained a love of cooking and baking as well as an appreciation for his mother. One day a traveling musician came into the bakery and bought some pastries. The musician told tales and even played a little bit of music which led to Combuster becoming obsessed. He begged his mom for a viol and even worked extra shifts at the bakery in order to make that happen. Eventually Combuster’s mother saved up enough money to buy a viol for Combuster and he spent any spare time he had practicing with it. Combuster grew up practicing the viol and helping his mother in the bakery. He doesn’t know his father and resents him for leaving Combuster and his mother without a word. This only made him appreciate his mother more. 

Eventually Combuster began playing shows in bars and taverns in Zemmond before deciding that he wanted to travel the world. He wanted to experience not only the music and stories of Zemmond, but also the stories of the entire world. He believes that by traveling the world and seeking out sources of music from all over, he will become a better musician. During his travels he spent a lot of time among common farmers, merchants, and travelers where he gained many skills. He also learned how to convert his music into magic and harness the elemental fire energy he has as a Fire Genasi. It was during this time where he set his eyes on a bigger goal. He wanted to become the greatest storyteller and bard of all time. Combuster wants to play on grand stages in front of Kings and Queens and maybe even gods. 

Musician. Story teller. Hero. These are all words Combuster “Buster” Wellington wants associated with his name!

Random Questions (D&D Speak):

Q Does your character consider themselves a hero, villain, or something else?

A Combuster does not think he is a villain, but he’s not sure he’s an actual hero. He tries to live his life in a way where he helps others and uplifts them, but he doesn’t do a lot of heroic things. He wants to be a hero, but right now he just considers himself an entertainer and a storyteller.

Q If somebody (an NPC, someone from their backstory, etc.) your character trusts/loves asked your character to do something against the party’s best interest, who would they side with?
A For Combuster it really depends on who asked them and what the request would be. It’s complicated because he is a very new part of the current party and feels only a small bit of loyalty toward them. If someone like his Mother would ask him, he’d be more likely to side with her than the party. Yes, Combuster is a big Mama’s boy.

Q What stereotypical group role does your character play in the party? (The Mom, the Mess, the Comic Relief, etc.)
A Combuster is definitely the comic relief in the party. He really shines with talking with others and playing music. He isn’t necessarily the funniest but his charisma lets him pull off jokes that others could not make work. Combuster can also act as the face of the party because of his high charisma despite being the newest member to join the group. 

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