Character Creation #6 – Otto Rivulet

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All of you seem to be really enjoying my Character Creations where I focus on Dungeons and Dragons characters I’ve played in the past. This is the third in my trilogy of D&D characters. This character is probably the highest level character I’ve ever played and a character I played for a very long time. I got to pick up this character’s story kind of in the middle, but never got to see it to the end. It’s definitely a character I think about a lot and I think you might do the same after you read about them. I will return to characters which appear in the other things, but I might have something else planned for Saturdays during the summer. That’s all I’m hinting at for now. Just go read about one of my favorite D&D characters!


Character Creation #5 – Combuster “Buster” Wellington 

Name: Otto Rivulet

Age: 25

Gender: He/Him

D&D Race: Water Genasi

D&D Class: Druid (Level 11) – Circle of the Land (Swamp)

Physical Description: Otto Rivulet is a Water Genasi with greenish-blue skin and shoulder-length green hair. He has a long, bushy beard that is also green. He is usually covered in a layer of swamp grime and dirt as well as an array of mosquitos, bees, spiders, centipedes, and other swamp insects. Otto looks like he has spent most of his adulthood living in a swamp by himself and that’s because he has. He wears a traditional garb made of leathers, furs, and alligators pelts covered in markings of the river town of Or’lea. 

Personality: Otto is a naive person with a large heart. He is very caring and he looks out for others. He believes that he is a friend to all (or most) and he can get along with pretty much anyone. Otto is generally a low stress person who goes with the flow. He often stops to talk to animals and plants and is never in a hurry. Otto also likes to hum to himself and get lost in nature. Otto seems very calm and happy, but really there’s a part of him that is depressed and he has low self-esteem. 

Ideals: Otto is someone who believes in natural beauty and creating a peaceful existence between nature and people. He lives off the land and uses his druidic magic to better the life of others around him. He sees the best in others and does his best to boost the people around him. Otto believes that he has the potential to be a hero and this will cause people to like him.

Bonds: Otto lived with his Father and Step-Mother in the Elvish town of Or’lea. He has a strong bond to his father, but many in the town do not like him and see him as a blemish on the town. Otto spent a lot of time in the woods living among nature which he considered a friend and ally. Then he met a group of adventurers on the road which he bonded to. His closest friend is a Human Paladin named Ragnar who was the leader of the group. Otto sort of has a crush on Ragnar as well as a powerful Wizard named Mont who has a tendency to mess with time magic. Lastly Otto’s mother is a powerful Marid who he does not know, but he wants to meet her.

Flaws: Otto is a naive person who has experienced very little of the world leading him to have some narrow views at times. He sees himself as a lonely traveler who has a hard time fitting in. He puts on a facade of happiness and calmness at all times, but he suffers from low self-esteem. Otto also hates lizardfolk with a burning passion because groups of lizardfolk are known to live in the swamp and raid Or’lea. He believes that all lizardfolk are evil and deserve to be killed on sight. 

Strengths: Otto is a powerful Druid who gains his magic from the swamps he grew up near as well as the power of nature itself. He carries a staff which is full of insects he can summon to attack enemies. Otto uses his magic to influence nature and control water as well as provide healing for himself and his allies. Otto may seem off putting at first due to his stench and the fact he’s usually covered in dirt and grime, but he is quite friendly once you get to know him. He is kind and very good at reading people’s emotions due to his high wisdom. Otto is also a hearty man who is used to living in the woods by himself and has strong survival skills. 

Weaknesses: Otto Rivulet is not quick, nimble, strong, burly, intelligent or clever. He does not know a lot about the world outside of where he grew up. He doesn’t really learn things from books. Otto is often slow moving and too relaxed in intense situations. He does smell quite bad and many people avoid talking to him. 

Background/Backstory: Otto Rivulet is a Water Genasi with a father who was a seafiaring bard and a mother who is a beautiful and powerful Marid. He was left on his father’s doorstep when he was barely a few days old. His very existence was a disruption to the Elvish fishing town of Or’lea as well as the family his father, Gustav Rivulet, was wanting to start with his wife, Hilda Rivulet. Otto grew up in this fishing town nestled between a forest and a river which ran into a large swamp. He did his best to fit in but the people in the town never cared for him and the Rivulett household was very stressful. When Otto became a young adult his father convinced him to leave the village to go live on his own. Otto left the town with a heavy heart and lived in the nearby swamp for many years. While living by himself he gained a love of nature and a bond grew which allowed Otto to gain druidic magic. He befriended the animals of the swamp as well as the plants of the forest. He was lonely but these new friends made him happier.

This time in the swamp also made him realize two goals he wanted to achieve. He was always an outsider to the village, but he figured that if he became a hero with great renown, they’d love him and embrace him. Otto also set his mind on finding his mother. His father had told him some stories about her beauty and her grace. Otto thought that if he found her, he could convince her to marry his father and they could be one big happy family. He just had to meet his mother and become a hero. Totally things he was capable of. Otto had these thoughts as he walked through the swamp with his bug friends crawling over his staff and beard when he ran into a group of heroes. They found him a bit upsetting and very smelly, but they allowed him into the group. This is where his path to becoming a hero begins. 

Random Questions (D&D Speak):

Q   What aspect of your character’s future are they most curious about? (If they could know one thing about the future, what would it be?)
A   Otto would be curious about meeting his mother and what that experience would be like. He has only heard stories so he wonders if she will live up to those tales or she would exceed Otto’s expectations.

Q   What is most important to your character: health, wealth, or happiness?
A   Otto would definitely put happiness above health or wealth. He is not really an unhealthy person (unless you count the fact that he lived in a swamp as unhealthy), but he views being happy as the most important thing. He might have a warped view of what will actually make him happy, but he does pursue happiness above health or money. 

Q   What is your character the most insecure about?
A   Otto is most insecure about himself and whether or not he is more of a pain to others than a friend. He grew up in a town that saw him as an outsider and a blight and his family home was tense most of the time. Both of these feelings have really sunk themselves into Otto’s brain which gives him major insecurities and depression.

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