Character Creation #4 – Zaedel

Character Creation #3 – Zoey Carter

Hello Everyone! This is the fourth Character Creation I have published. This one is not actually from a character you would know or have heard of. This one is actually about a Dungeons and Dragons character I played in a D&D campaign awhile back. The campaign ended up ending super early and I didn’t get to flesh out the character. I thought this would be a good way to use ideas of old characters or characters I’ve thought up but probably won’t play anytime soon. Please let me know if you prefer Character Creation profiles on existing characters from pieces I’ve published or if you prefer something like this. I could do either or depending on what you all think. Ok now enjoy reading through this Character Creation profile.


Name: Zaedel

Real Name: Bradt

Age: 25

Gender: He/Him

D&D Race: Wood Elf

D&D Class: Monk (Level 4) – Way of the Shadow

Physical Description: Zaedel is a Wood Elf with lightly-tanned skin with hints of copper. He has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He is physically fit and muscular although he hides most of his body beneath dark clothes and a black cloak. Zaedel is not friendly or approachable and resembles an assassin or thief. He carries a short bow with a quiver of arrows on his back and a Tessen (Metal, war fan) on his belt. Although it is very hard to tell from afar, Zaedel is covered in burn marks and scars across his left arm, back, and neck.

Personality: Zaedel is a man of few words who rarely strikes up with conversations with others. He is a quiet person that others find intimidating. Even the people who know him best, think he is often standoffish and self-absorbed. Zaedel is a stubborn man who can be narrow minded in his focus. He is a person who is quick to anger and has no time for other people’s nonsense. 

Ideals: Zaedel is someone who believes his true purpose in life is to undo the pain he has caused to others and take out the person he believes is truly responsible. He is motivated by hate and revenge and he is willing to do anything to achieve his goals. He is able to justify any of his actions as necessary steps to take down the ultimate evil.

Bonds: Zaedel sees himself as a lone wolf and a one man army. However he does rely on others from time to time. His closest friend is Bree Swiftriver, a Halfling Rogue, was a member of a vigilante group called the Swift Embers. Zaedel was a part of this group and bonded with several of its members, but Bree was always his closest friend. Zaedel also has a connection with an old monk named Master Wake who taught Zaedel the basics of martial arts. However Zaedel’s focus on fighting and combat differed from Master Wake’s focus on balance and spirituality, so Zaedel left Master Wake’s Dojo leaving the relationship rocky at best. Most recently Zaedel has met up with a group of adventurers in Klayport and has made a temporary alliance with them. 

Flaws: Zaedel is a person driven by revenge and hate. He is often single-minded in his pursuit of revenge. He has done a lot of evil things in his past life and ultimately wants to make it up to the people he hurt. However Zaedel is willing to go to any length to get revenge which can bring him to very dark places.

Strengths: Zaedel is a Monk with training in the way of the Shadows. He is quite quick and athletic with an emphasis on his dexterity and acrobatics. He can attack with a flurry of fists or use his Tessen to cut his foes. He is also skilled with a short bow if he needs to attack someone from a distance. Up close Zaedel focuses on dealing as much damage as possible and will often target the enemy’s weak spots. He is really good at reading people and resisting attempts at flattery or deception. His training also allows him some minor magical abilities that help him conceal himself in shadows and move quietly.

Weaknesses: Zaedel is not very strong when it comes to raw physical strength which makes him rely on lightweight weapons instead of heavy greatswords or greataxes. He wears no armor which helps him move quickly and quietly, but does not help him if he actually gets hit. Zaedel is also not the smartest and has spent very little time in any sort of academic setting. Zaedel is an intimidating presence and good at deception, but fails to persuade others or make deep friendships. 

Background/Backstory: Brandt is a Wood-Elf who was born poor and grew up in the streets. He was a scrawny kid who missed many meals and would fight with other kids in back alleys and city streets. Out of desperation, Brandt broke into an elderly man’s house to steal food. He was caught in the act by the owner of the house who was an old monk named Master Wake. Wake took pity on young Brandt and invited him into his home. Wake fed Brandt and took care of him. He also trained Brandt in the ways of being a monk and tried to pass on his spiritual knowledge to Brandt. However even after years of training, Brandt focused primarily on the fighting and combat aspects of being a monk and had little time for the spiritual side of things. Wake could tell that this boy was full of aggression and walked a dark path. The relationship between the two started to splinter as Brandt grew up and Brandt ended up leaving.

Shortly afterwards Brandt met this Black Dragonborn named Gorrox who was the leader of a group known as the Swift Embers. The Swift Embers was made up of freedom fighters who were fed up with the rich and powerful hoarding all the power and wealth. The group fought back against income inequality and tyranny by attack, robbing, and killing wealthy nobles. Gorrox believed that spelling blood was necessary and that the group would have to tear down the institutions that kept the rich powerful. He encouraged members to be violent and unapologetic. Brandt didn’t completely agree with the message and the methodology, but this didn’t stop him from getting his hands bloody. During this time he became good friends with many members of The Swift Embers including Bree Switftriver. She would focus on reconnaissance and information gathering on potential targets for The Swift Embers, while Brandt focused on breaking into places without notice and stealing. 

Brandt thought he found his place in the world, but his relationship with The Swift Embers would not last. On Brandt’s last mission with The Swift Embers, he broke into a lavish chateau to steal money, riches, and magic items from a rich aristocrat. During this mission, Gorrox betrayed Brandt and set fire to the chateau with Brandt inside. The building began to burn down and fall apart around him, trapping Brandt inside. Brandt was badly burned by the fire, but thanks to Bree, he managed to get out alive. It took a few months for Brandt to fully recover and in this time he decided that he needed to take revenge against The Swift Embers and their leader Gorrox. He started to go by the name Zaedel to disguise his identity from Gorrox. Zaedel is determined to undo the wrong he did with The Swift Embers and that Gorrox must die by his hand.

Random Questions (D&D Speak)

Q) What is the biggest mistake your character has ever made?

A) Zariel believes that the biggest mistake he has ever made was to trust Gorrox. Zariel aligned himself with someone who is truly evil and now believes that he must kill Gorrox. Truly deep down the fact that he left Master Wake and didn’t focus on the spiritual side of things is Zariel’s biggest mistake.

Q) What does your character hope for the afterlife?

A) Zariel does believe he is a very good person. He has done a lot of evil in his life and killed a lot of people. If Zariel would die today, he expects to end up in some sort of hell. However, he believes that he can do enough good that he might end up in a neutral plane or even good plane in the afterlife.

Q) Does your character care about how they’re perceived by others? How do they change themselves to fit in with other people?

A) Zariel does not really care what other people think about him. Many people will see him as evil or just rude which is also how Zariel sees himself. The only person who he really trusts and cares about is Bree. He wants Bree to like him and understand his mission. 

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