Character Creation #3 – Zoey Carter

Character Creation #2 – Sauler Dawnpelt

Name: Zoey Carter

Age: 26

Gender: Female (She/Her)

Appearances: “Please Help”, “Hearing People’s Thoughts”, and “A Terrible Thing to Waste” 

Physical Description: Zoey is a young woman with pale skin and black hair. She is average built and is not very athletic. Zoey spends most of her time wearing black clothes or dark clothes. She favors band shirts that were found in thrift shops or given to her by her parents and large, soft hoodies. Zoey is often mistaken for being younger than she is. She has a tough exterior and “resting bitch face.”

Personality: Zoey is a bit of a loner who often spends time by herself. Even in public spaces like a bar or club, she is found in the corner, drinking and listening to the music. She tries to not take too seriously and uses humor to deal with any problem she has. Zoey is a big fan of rock and alternative music. She is big on supporting the local scene and independent musicians. Zoey can seem unfriendly or uncaring, but deep inside she is a caring person who really cares about the few people she is very close with. Zoey really cares about a young woman named Allison Hall who she met at a bar called Fire Water. Zoey has a major crush on Allison and Zoey accidentally revealed her abilities of telepathy to her. 

Strengths: Zoey is an average person just going about her day, but what sets her apart is her low-level telepathy that lets her read people’s minds as well communicate her thoughts to others. She can also read people’s emotions and sometimes feels the same thing to such a large degree that it affects her physically. Her ability to read minds can be used on a lot of people at once but Zoey often focuses it on one person. She imagines herself shutting or opening a door which helps her control the amount of thoughts she can read at once. Usually her powers manifest as a low hum or buzz in her mind unless she focuses on an individual and “opens the door.”

Weaknesses: Even though Zoey has these telepathic powers, she has very low understanding of them and how they actually work. Fearing that others would judge her or try to weaponize her powers, she keeps her abilities secret. Everything she knows about her abilities is self-taught and Zoey has tried her best to keep them under control. When she was younger, she found these telepathetic abilities overwhelming and it felt like people were constantly screaming in her head. For the most part, this is not longer the case, but Zoey has a hard time controlling her powers around Allison. Sometimes her abilities even manifest stronger around Allison and Zoey does not know why. 

Random Questions (DnD Speak)

Q) What, currently, is your character the most curious about?

A) Zoey is most curious about her own abilities and how Allison’s presence makes them stronger and less controllable. 

Q) What stereotypical role would your character play in a high school AU/if they attended a normal high school? (Nerd, jock, bully, goth, etc.)

A) Zoey could be considered a punk or goth in school. She stuck to herself and definitely had a bigger focus on music than people. If Zoey was a D&D Class, she’d probably be a Bard or Barbarian.

Q)What treasure/item/artifact that your character has collected during the adventure is the most important to them?

A) Zoey isn’t really a materialistic person, but she does cherish the band shirts and concert memorabilia that she has collected and gotten from her parents. She’s a big fan of things that are vintage and indie. 

Header Photo made with Canva

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