Character Creation #2 – Sauler Dawnpelt

Character Creation #1 – Mara Dawnpelt

Name: Sauler Dawnpelt

Age: 22

Gender: Male (He/Him)

D&D Race: Human

D&D Class: Blood Hunter (Level 3) – Order of the Ghostslayer

Physical Description: A young man with a very serious disposition. Blue eyes and short, light brown hair. Almost permanent dark circles under the eyes. Physically very skinny, almost looking malnourished in the face. Sauler also has lots of scars across his arms and body. When not wearing the traditional Robinheart Uniform, he wears mostly dark clothes and black armor with a silver shield.

Personality: Sauler is a very quiet man who mostly sticks to himself and his sister. He has a very serious look to him and rarely smiles. Sauler is someone who always keeps his eyes and ears open but rarely engages with others unless he thinks they have information that is vital to him. He used to be someone full of wonder and excitement but those qualities have faded from Sauler in recent years

Ideals: Sauler is a man that seeks vengeance for the wrongful death of his fiancée that was caused by a clan of Vampires. He wants to destroy the Vampires that caused the death as well as all undead which he sees as evil and unnatural.

Bonds: Sauler sees himself a man alone in an uncaring world. Any bonds he does create is out of necessity. His closest bond is his sister, Mara, but deep down he feels like Mara is only with him because she is too good of a person for him. Sauler is also connected to the Robinhearts because he believes inclusion to this guild will lead to information about Vampires.

Flaws: Sauler is often narrow minded in his pursuit of revenge against Vampires and the undead. He often enters dark places in his mind as a way to connect himself to this undeath helping it will lead him to the Vampires and give himself the upperhand. Sualer believes he must become a monster to destroy the real monster. His only major pursuit in life is revenge.

Strengths: Sauler is quite intelligent and is always seeking out more information. He has also become a skilled fighter using a sword and shield. Sauler gets magic abilities through his blood and self sacrifice which pains him to use. Dark powers granted to him take a toll on his body and weaken him. 

Weaknesses: Sauler lacks charisma and often scares people off with his looks. He also has a hard time determining what is the line that he must not cross when it comes to seeking revenge and finding the Vampires that killed his fiancée. 

Background/Backstory: Sauler Dawnpelt grew up in Garranthe and was interested in studying the history of the world. He considered a life of adventuring, discovering places and finding ancient relics. However, he ended up working at the local library in Garranthe where he met a woman by the name of Charlotte Greenleaf. She was a farmer’s daughter but spent lots of time in the library learning about all sorts of topics. The two started talking more and more and ended up dating for a year before Sauler asked her to marry him. She said yes and they were engaged. Shortly after this a clan of vampires came into Garranthe and several people went missing during this period. The vampires killed Charlotte and Sauler was devastated. He was severely depressed and lost all will to live. His sister, Mara dropped out of school to be by his side and take care of him. Months went by where Sauler spent a lot of time staying in bed, but then sadness turned to anger. He became determined to find the vampires that killed Charlotte and rid the world of these monsters. Sauler learned all he could from the library in Garranthe but he eventually left the city with his sister to Xylon where he joined the Robinhearts. All of this is to find out more information on the undead and Vampires. 

Random Questions (DnD Speak)

Q) What is the biggest mistake your character has ever made?
A) Sauler believes his biggest mistake was not being with Charlotte the night she was killed. Either so he could have fought off the Vampires or died alongside his love.

Q) Does your character think more with their heart or their brain?

A) Sauler thinks more with his heart, but also relies heavily on his brain. He is a smart individual who seeks out knowledge but his heart affects his actions more than his brain.

Q) Where does your character see themselves in 20 years?

A) Dead. Sauler doesn’t think he will live that much longer. He knows he walks a dark and dangerous path and he suspects that his life will be a short one. 

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