Character Creation #1 – Mara Dawnpelt

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Welcome to the first piece of a new set of content I’m trying out on the website. I won’t normally do an introduction to these pieces, but I figured that I’d do a quick one here just in case you are new or missed my Bulletin Board Post detailing my categories for 2021 and beyond. Basically this is a way to look at character creation and break a character down into parts like physical description, personality, and goals. I’m taking heavy inspiration for a Dungeons and Dragons 5e Character sheet, but this Character Creation will look at a wide variety of my characters, old and new.

Name: Mara Dawnpelt

Age: 19

Gender: Female (She/Her)

D&D Race: Human

D&D Class: Bard (Level 3) – Bardic College of Creation

Physical Description: A young woman with lots of energy. Bright blue eyes and curly, light brown hair. Usually wearing dresses with lots of colors and ribbons but sometimes wears a more traditional, Robinheart uniform. 

Personality: Mara is very talkative and bubbly. She always tries to make friends with everyone she meets and is always upbeat. She has a lot of energy and is always seen smiling. Mara likes to skip through the streets instead of just walking. She is a major hugger but respects people’s boundaries. 

Ideals: Maria believes that art and creativity should be encouraged and nurtured. Art is everywhere from the grandest of paintings or performances to the simplest moments in our everyday life.

Bonds: Maria is connected to the Art School she studied at in the city of Garranthe. She is also connected to The Robinhearts which is an adventuring group within the city of Xylon. Most of all, Maria is bonded to her older brother, Sauler Dawnpelt, and most of her actions are based on supporting him and keeping him alive. She is very concerned about her brother and sees herself as the line between his humanity and him taking a dark path he could not come back from.

Flaws: Maria is a people pleaser and is sometimes too friendly to others because she wants everyone to like her. She is also sometimes too much of a perfectionist when it comes to her own art. Maria’s biggest flaw is that she has a blind loyalty to her brother and puts her brother’s needs before her own. She has put her own life aside to help her brother. 

Strengths: Maria possesses a high Charisma score and she is very good at the Performance and Persuasion skills. She is very good at art in the forms of painting and drawing. She is also pretty good at singing and storytelling but it’s not a skill she uses a lot. Maria has Bardic magic which she expresses through drawing and painting arcane symbols in the air. Some of these might resemble everyday objects or abstract art with lots of colors. 

Weaknesses: Maria is not much of a fighter and does not possess many combat skills. She is better at standing back and being supportive of her brother in battle.

Background/Backstory: Maria Dawnpelt grew up in Garranthe where she attended a private school and then an art academy. However a horrible event in her older brother’s life sent him into a spiral and Maria dropped out of school to take care of him. Maria and Sauler were always close but they became inseparable after this. They ended up traveling together to Xylon where they joined up with The Robinhearts. Maria continues to practice her art and her talents have even gained a tinge of arcane magic. She has a positive attitude and tries to befriend everyone around her. She is incredibly kind and sweet and tries to see art and beauty in everything around them. Maria is very concerned for her brother and the dark path he walks and she sees herself as the barrier between him losing his humanity to this darkness. Maria bottles up negative emotions and tries to be a beacon of light and hope to those around her even at her own expense. Maria is having a good time being an adventurer but longs to go back to Garranthe so she can continue studying and improving her art.

Random Questions (DnD Speak)

Q) When they were a child, what did your character want to be, or think they were going to be, when they grew up?

A) When Maria was a child, she wanted to be a performer. She loved acting and singing, but eventually fell in love with drawing and painting as her medium for art. She is studying art and wants to be a world famous painter.

Q) What is your character’s guiltiest pleasure?

A) Maria’s guiltiest pleasure has to be sweets and pastries. She has a major sweet tooth and cannot get enough desserts. Maria is also a fan of the terrible, overdramatic stories whether that be plays, poetry, or novels.

Q) What does your character want to be remembered by?

A) Maria definitely wants to leave a lasting impression on everyone she meets. She wants to be known for her friendliness and her positive attitude. She also wants to create the most beautiful paintings which will be talked about for eons.

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