Writing Prompt from r/writingprompts: Countdown to “yes”

Prompt: Write a short story where the first sentence has 20 words, 2nd sentence has 19, 3rd has 18 etc. Story ends with a single word.


It was the last day of school and all the children were gathered in the auditorium to celebrate their graduation. Everyone was really excited to stop being kids and start being adults in the adult world doing adult things. High school boys and girls were dreaming of going off to college, starting jobs, or traveling the world. Except there was one boy in the class who had other plans for high school graduation: Tyler. He met the love of his life in middle school and they starting dating soon after. She was the girl of his dreams and he wanted them to be together forever.

He planned his moment to coincide with her name being called during the ceremony.

“Would Megan Rose Tilleret please come forward and accept her high school diploma?”

Megan smiled, came forward, and accepted her diploma from the school’s principal. While her back was turned, Tyler rose and positioned himself accordingly. He was nervous and excited for this moment to occur. There were whispers and audible gasps from the audience. Then everyone grew silent and Megan got confused.

She turned around to see Tyler smiling.

He got down on one knee. She began to tear up. Opened the little box. Revealed the ring.

“Marry Me?”


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