Writing Prompt from r/writingprompts: Darkness Approaches

Hello Internet!

My laptop is still out of commission but I’m hoping that it gets repaired soon. I have the top men working on it, so hopefully we’ll be back to our regular schedule. For now I wanted to publish a short piece. This is a Writing Prompt piece, but it is based off a prompt I have already done and it is a little shorter than other Writing Prompt pieces. Basically, way back in January I published a piece based off of this prompt, which you can find here, and I figured that I’d use the prompt again since I like the concept. Hopefully you’ll enjoy both pieces and if you like the format, feel free to use it in your own writing.

Original Prompt: Write a short story where the first sentence has 20 words, 2nd sentence has 19, 3rd has 18 etc. Story ends with a single word.


I walked down the middle of the road with my hands in my pockets as I kicked a small rock. It bounced off my shoe and skipped several feet down the road until it finally slowed and stopped moving. I walked up to the rock and kicked it again watching as it skipped off the black pavement. I would do this again and again and it filled me with a level of absolute joy. It was hard to explain, but it was like this rock was going on an adventure. I had a little friend bouncing along with me as I made my way home. Unfortunately I was kicking my friend, which is not a friendly thing to do.

I looked up to the sky and noticed that the sun was setting. I got distracted walking home and I lost track of the time. I needed to get home before nightfall because things get dangerous. It is not safe for me outside in the dark. There are scary things that hunt humans like me.

These are scary beasts that resemble childhood nightmares. I’m not sure where they came from. I honestly don’t care to know. I care about staying alive.

I open the door. Slam it shut. Lock door.



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