Weekly Blog August 6th, 2017: Sarahah (The Social Media App Sweeping The Nation)

Hello Internet!

I know that you are all hoping for an exciting announcement about my laptop and the fact that we are getting back to our regular publishing schedule. Well I hate to disappoint all my readers out there, but unfortunately my laptop is still broken. What I thought would be a simple fix, has became more complicated. I have a close friend who is a computer guy checking it out and he hopes to get it fixed soon, but he’s a busy guy so it’s going to take some time for him to fix it. So it looks like we’re going to have another week void of the normal schedule. It kind of looks like August is going to be a wash and we’ll have to do a soft reboot in September. We haven’t had a new Pokemon Chapter or Writing Prompt Piece since June and I apologize for that. July was super special, but disruptive and so far August looks like it is going to be plagued with technical difficulties. Altogether I’m not too happy about it and I know you guys aren’t either, but there’s not much I can do about it. I am able to write small, simple things when I have access to a computer at work, but I am unable to work on anything major. I don’t want to promise anything that I can’t reasonably accomplish, so that’s why I’m holding off on promising our normal schedule without constant access to a laptop. Again I apologize for my schedule being kind of random, but I’m hoping to get back to normal soon. I will continue to do this Weekly Blogs every Sunday and I hope to do some smaller stuff throughout the week, but it just depends on if I can find the time. I did post some Six-Word Memoirs on Thursday and Friday which can be found here and here or under the “Creative Writing” tab on the main page. You guys seemed to really like those so maybe I’ll do some more of those this week. No promises but I’ll try to do some small, creative writing pieces throughout this upcoming week.

Now enough with the mildly depressing, housekeeping stuff and onto the main subject of today’s Weekly Blog: Sarahah. So you may or may not have heard of this new social media app which is taking the nation by storm. If you are a little out of the loop or really don’t care about social media or social trends, let me explain to you what is Sarahah. Sarahah is an app made by a Saudi Arabian company that was made to help businesses and their employees share anonymous feedback on projects. Let’s say Larry at the office sent out his slideshow for the next big presentation. Well you could use Sarahah to give Larry some constructive criticism about his slideshow without fearing that Larry would take it out on you or fearing that Larry’s feelings would be hurt. You could also criticize the boss or the practices of the business without fear that you would get fired for speaking out against the company. So why am I talking about this business tool and its relation to social media?

Well within the last few months this obscure app has really hit it off with people who are using this as a social media app. Young Adults and Teenagers are flocking to this app as a way to leave honest messages for one another without the receiver knowing who sent the message. This allows for anonymous compliments, conversations, and critiques. If you want to tell Betty from your class you have a crush on her, you can, or if you want to tell someone you used to go to highschool with that you really miss them, you can do that too. Of course with the internet the way it is, there have been fears of bullying and hate speech arising amongst the teens who use the app. Who knows what high schoolers will say when they can hide behind the screen of their smartphone and anonymity. With any type of app like this you’re going to get bad kids who use it for bad and hurtful things and you’re going to have kids who just want to have some fun and share in this new experience.

Artists have also picked up the app to use as a hybrid of social media app and a way to get critiqued on their work. It allows for anonymous feedback on your writing, painting, drawing, whatever without the commenter being afraid of backlash against them. That being said I’d like to present you guys, my Sarahah account. #NotSponsored. I want your feedback and I want to know what you guys think and if Sarahah helps you do that, then I want to offer it to you. You can find it by hitting the link above or by sending a message to AllenTheWriter.sarahah.com. Leave some feedback on how I can improve the website and/or my pieces. The only way to grow the viewership is by listening to what the people want and improve my website accordingly. Don’t be shy about sharing with me what you like, what you don’t like, and any way you think I can improve your reading experience.

Ok I think that’s it for now. I selfishly self-promoted while alerting you about a trending social media app. Let me know if you use the app and what your thoughts are on it or if you plan on skipping this app. Leave a comment down below or hit up by Sarahah account. We also have a Facebook Page and Twitter Page you can leave comments on or you can email me at Allen.The.Writer@Gmail.com. Thank you for your continuing support and all the likes, comments, and views you send my way.

I hope you have a fantastic week!


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