Six Word Memoirs Part 1

Hello Everyone!

Since my laptop is out of commission I am not able to do my regular writing. However I didn’t want another blank week without anything being published to the website so I thought I’d write up some Six-Word Memoirs. If you are unfamiliar with the concept I’d definitely recommend checking out SMITH Magazine’s Six-Word Memoirs. That is where I first learned of the concept and they house a ton of Six-Word Memoirs. If you like doing it enough, you can submit your own memoirs to be featured on the website. To explain what these are, they are memoirs that you write only using 6 words. No fewer and no more. Basically describing your life’s smallest or largest moments only using six, precious words. It can become really challenging when you limit the number of words you can use, but if done right, Six-Word Memoirs can be really powerful and thought-provoking. I’m just going to write a bunch below and I’m sure some are going to be better than others. If this literary form interests you, I encourage you to submit your memoirs to SMITH Magazine’s Six-Word Memoirs or post them down below in the comments of this piece. Now here are some of my Six-Word Memoirs:


Generous Gift Giver Without Any Money

Can I Travel The World Penniless?

Single Friend Triple Dating Other Couples

College Debt Keeps Me At Work

Writing For A Handful Of Views

Will Be An Artist For Money

Missing College Friends; Not College Exams

Wishing For Net Worth of Zero

Watching Summer Fade From My Desk

A Family of Nerds Fighting Dragons

Broken? Turn On, Turn Off. Repeat.

Too Many “Facts”; Not Enough Credibility

Crushing On Girls With Beautiful Eyes

My Nintendo Switch Makes Me Popular

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