Six Word Memoirs Part 2

Hello Everyone!

My laptop is still broken so no “Writing Prompt” Piece today; however, I had so much fun writing those Six-Word Memoirs yesterday that I thought I’d write some more for you. If you aren’t familiar with the concept of Six-Word Memoirs, I’d recommend checking out SMITH Magazine’s Six-Word Memoirs as well as the 6-Word Memoirs I published yesterday which can be found here. To summarize how this literary form works, the goal is to write a memoir about your life using only six words. These can be big, life changing events in your life or just about what you had for lunch, but either way it must be described only using six, precious words. Not five and not seven, but six. This is a form that limits you and challenges you to shrink your thoughts into six words and reminds you how special and powerful one single word can be. If you want some examples check out SMITH Magazine’s Six-Word Memoirs or read yesterday’s piece and you’ll get the idea. If this is something that interests you, feel free to submit your own to SMITH Magazine or leave them down below in the comments. I’d love to read them! Down below will be a few of mine so hopefully they’ll give you some inspiration.


Everyone has a story: what’s yours?

Positivity Gets Your Farther Than Negativity

Any Room For A Moderate Republican?

Looking For Soulmate; Call If Applicable

Working Full-Time; Still Living With Parents

Heart Says Yes, Bank Account Disagrees

Senioritis At Work; Ready For Change

Finding Answers On My Nature Walk

Some People Bleed For Their Work

Pay Me To Travel The World

Facebook: Political Battleground And Cooking Videos

Lost Is A Type Of Adventure

Singing Loudly, Dancing Louder, Being Myself.

Watching The Same Sunrise And Sunset

Will Future Anthropologists Read My Words?

6 thoughts on “Six Word Memoirs Part 2

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  1. I actually love this. I have no idea what mine would be….
    maybe one of these
    -Peanut butter looking for her jelly.
    -One hundred and ten percent tired.
    -Call me weird, I’ll confirm it.
    -Breakfast foods taste better at midnight.
    -Wise and naive rolled into one.
    I love your blog btw! Maybe if you have a chance you can visit mine 🙂


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