Special Weekly Blog December 18th, 2017: My Last Blog (of 2017)

Hello Internet!

I know. I know. The Clickbait Title was a little much, but I had to get your attention. As you probably know, I had my normal Weekly Blog yesterday talking all about Christmas. In that Blog, I mentioned that I would have a special Weekly Blog talking all about the nitty gritty details about the Blog going forward. I didn’t want to bog down the cheerful, Christmas episode with boring details about what’s going to change about the website.

First of all, my Clickbait title is actually accurate. This week I’m starting my holiday break for Christmas/New Year’s. That means that there will not be any more regular stuff being posted to the website. There might be some special stuff uploaded during this time, but no regular Blogs or Creative Writing pieces. My plan is to start back up on January 7th, 2018. So mark your calendars I guess. That will be my first Weekly Blog of the new year and will kick off our new schedule of events.

Now this is where I disappoint some of you or make some of you happy. My Pokémon Fanfiction chapters will not be continuing. I know that there were a few dedicated readers that read them when they came out, but generally it was a lot of writing for little results. Now I’m not writing all of this stuff just for views and likes. Ultimately, I’m doing this for myself. At first I really liked writing weekly chapters of Alexis in the Alola region and writing stuff based off my play through of Pokémon Moon. But for the past few weeks…maybe months…I just haven’t been feeling it. If you are a weekly reader of the Pokémon Fanfiction, you’ll know that I’m often inconsistent with it. One reason is that it usually takes a lot longer than my Weekly Blogs and Writing Prompt pieces and I just don’t think it’s worth the effort. I was trying to get to a point where it wouldn’t be a huge cliffhanger when it ended, but unfortunately, I didn’t get there. I’m sorry if that was the thing you read, but I hope you can find some other stuff on my website to read instead.

The second thing which may bring sadness or happiness to your heart is that my Special Weekly Blogs based off of my New Year’s Resolutions are not coming back in 2018. (I kind of sound like a Television Network Director canceling shows.) These were fun and I enjoyed giving updates to my resolutions each month. Again this was another segment that didn’t get as many views as other stuff. Plus a lot of the updates were pretty repetitive. I’m definitely going to have resolutions and goals for 2018 and I might even talk about them now and then, but it’s not going to be a regular thing.

Ok on to some more positive news. You might have noticed that without new chapters of Pokemon, there is now a hole in the middle of the week. So starting in January of 2018, Wednesdays will now be dedicated to Poetry. I have not written a lot of poetry, but the stuff I did create, you guys seemed to love. I don’t know what form this poetry will take but I’m sure I’ll throw some Six Word Memoirs and Haikus in there as well as some freeform poetry. So basically the new format will fall into: Sundays – Weekly Blog, Wednesday – Poetry, Friday – Writing Prompt Pieces. Hopefully that will work for everyone!

Also in more positive news, I am going to make some updates to the website going forward. Even after a year, I still have a lot to learn about what I can and cannot do on WordPress, but I’m going to learn over this Christmas break. I’m hoping to make it more aesthetically pleasing as well as easier to find the stuff you want to read. I have noticed that the pieces that are published most recently get a lot of traffic, but there is a whole year of stuff (both bad and good) which is being missed out on because no sane person wants to scroll threw hundreds of pieces to find the old stuff. I’m hoping to make it easier to view my back catalog of pieces as well as the new stuff. I’m asking for anyone who is a older user of WordPress. If you know how to set up an index of my pieces, or just general advice about getting my older stuff in front of the eyes of my viewers.

Actually I want to open my questions to anyone. If you have any suggestions about the website including its aesthetic and its content. As a reader of the stuff on my website, I really care about your feedback, so make your voice heard. Leave a comment down below letting me know about my changes for 2018. Again, this is going to be the last official Blog of the year and this ends my regular schedule of posts until January. There might be some small stuff posted here during the rest of December, but I’m going to start back up with the first Weekly Blog of the new year on January 7th, 2018 so keep an eye out for that. As you wait, there are over 150 different pieces posted to the website that you can check out. There is old stuff and new stuff so take a minute and look around. Feel free to give the pieces you love some views, likes, comments, and shares. I really appreciate all the support.

Ok I think that’s all I need to say about this. Again if you have any suggestions about the website, leave a comment down below, and I will consider it going forward.

Thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful week!



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3 thoughts on “Special Weekly Blog December 18th, 2017: My Last Blog (of 2017)

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  1. Glad to hear you are going to be doing the poetry! I took a poetry class this last quarter at my university and I finally decided to consider myself a poet. I think that is a great segment to pick up.
    I don’t know how to make an index – I’m not that old of a wordpress user – but, you could link to other posts, like, for example, if one piece sounds similar to a previous post or carries on a story or theme, you could link to that other post?

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Kailyn! I have done a little poetry on here, but I want to make it more of a staple. I haven’t written a ton of poetry, so I’m hoping 2018 will be a year of opportunity for me. Maybe at the end of the next year, I will also be a poet.

      My idea for an index is basically a large page with all of my pieces on it so people can search them all by Title as well as tags. I don’t know if that is possible, but I’m going to try

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