Two Sentence Horror Stories #2

Hello Internet!

I know usually on Wednesdays I publish a new Poem, but because today is Halloween, I thought that I would post something spookier. Last year for Halloween I posted a bunch of Two Sentence Horror Stories and it seemed to be pretty popular. So this year I decided to do the same thing and give you some more Horror Stories. I hope you enjoy them and have a Happy Halloween


I scratch another line in the wood. I thought after weeks down here, buried underground, I would have ran out of oxygen.


Volunteering at blood drives are really rewarding. It’s like sampling the prey before taking them to the slaughterhouse.


I can always tell when a full moon is out because I can feel it in my bones. It’s almost like the skeleton inside is trying to claw its way out of my body.


Monsters are hiding in the darkness. Serial killers are hiding in plain sight.


“Mom, I can’t sleep,” Says the child standing at the end of your bed. You swear your only child already crawled into bed with you after saying they had a nightmare.


At first the voices in my head told me to murder. Now they’re begging for me to stop.


People don’t vaccinate their children. Not very supernatural, but it’s true and it’s scary.


Header Photo Credit to Paul Krekorian’s (City Counselor) Guide to Halloween Trick-or-Treat

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