Two Sentence Horror Stories #4

Two Sentence Horror Stories

Two Sentence Horror Stories #2

Two Sentence Horror Stories #3

Hello Internet!

It’s finally here! Today is Halloween! I know that this year will be a very different Halloween that people are used to because of the state of the world, but hopefully that won’t stop you from having a fun and safe Halloween. You can still eat Halloween candy while carving pumpkins or watching a scary movie. This year is the perfect excuse to just stay inside with a warm blanket and a handful of delicious sweets. I’m probably going to spend my Halloween watching The Mandalorian. Very spooky. Anyway, this year I am continuing my tradition of Two Sentence Horror Stories for Halloween. If you haven’t read the past versions, I recommend it. There are some great gems in there and it’s a quick read. I hope you enjoy them and have a Happy Halloween!


Usually the scariest people on Halloween are the ones wearing masks. This year, the opposite is true.


At first the howls of distant wolves were nothing but a nighttime annoyance. However, once the full moon was shining overhead, the howls seemed like family members calling me home.


I’ve never believed in the power of mediums or psychics. None of them have been able to tell me that my future included murdering them.


When I first heard the ghostly wails in the new house I bought, I thought they were trying to scare me away. Turns out they were trying to warn me before I became a part of their cacophony.


Some women get nervous when they notice a man following them at night. Not me because I know that I’m luring them to their own deaths.


People will stay home on Election Day instead of voting. Then they’ll complain about the government and how nothing ever changes. (Again, not supernatural but very real and very scary)

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