Two Sentence Horror Stories #6

Two Sentence Horror Stories

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Hello Internet!

Happy Halloween! Hopefully all of you are enjoying Halloween! I don’t know about you, but it seems like this spooky season has been lacking the spooks. At least Halloween is finally here and the spooks can be fully on display. I hope all of you went out this past weekend and enjoyed Halloween to the fullest. Or maybe you are having a very spooky Monday. Either way I hope that you are ready for another dose of spooky and scary. Or at least the best I can do. It has been a tradition around here for me to write and publish Two Sentence Horror Stories for Halloween. I find that each year it becomes harder and harder to write original, scary stories only using two sentences. Seriously, give it a try and see for yourself. Anyway, check out this year’s Two Sentence Horror Stories and then check out last year’s as well. As always, I appreciate all the love and support I get from my readers and I hope you have a Happy Halloween!


Unlike most people, I actually enjoy cemeteries during burials. It was another chance for people to hear me trying to alert them that I’m still down here, buried alive.


Consuming so many podcasts and documentaries on true crime fills me with joy. Makes me wonder how much coverage I’ll get when my deeds get exposed.


I comfort my children and tell them not to worry about the howling coming from the woods. One day they will be big enough to join the rest of their family under the full moon.


The new girl at school is really nice even though no one else seems to talk to her. I’m just a little concerned she doesn’t seem to show up in mirrors or pictures.


I awoke to see my sleep paralysis demon, sitting on my chest and pinning me down. “Don’t move and don’t scream or else the man who broke into your house will know that you are here,” The creature said. 


Some people get all their information from minion memes on Facebook and Fox News and then these people go vote. Not a supernatural story, but it becomes scarier and scarier every year. 

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