Two Sentence Horror Stories #3

Two Sentence Horror Stories

Two Sentence Horror Stories #2


Hello Internet!

I hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather and really soaking in the last day of October. Today is Halloween so if you haven’t carved a pumpkin or watched a marathon of horror movies, today is the day to do it. I mean, I guess you can do that stuff whenever you want, but today makes it extra spooky. Plus you get to look forward to half-off Halloween candy which you can go buy tomorrow. It’s like a two day holiday. Anyway, today I’ve continued the tradition of writing Two Sentence Horror Stories. Go ahead and check out the past iterations if you want some extra spooks after you read this year’s Two Sentence Horror Stories. I hope you enjoy them and Happy Halloween!



I can’t wake up or fall back to sleep. My body betrays me as I’m paralyzed by fear and the nightmares float above me. 


“You’re so good at carving that pumpkin,” My friend says to me. What they don’t know is that pumpkins are really easy to carve compared to people who scream when I carve them.


People seem to ignore me even when I’m standing in the middle of the room. I guess people don’t change, even after 200 years.


I barely awoke as I noticed my girlfriend crawling into bed with me. I almost fell back asleep before I heard her come in the front door for a second time.


Some using dating apps to find a casual hook-up or their soulmate. I use them to find my next victim.


The grave keeper showed up at the graveyard after a noise complaint was called in. He arrived expecting some rowdy teenagers, but instead he was met with a chorus of muffled wails rise up from the ground underneath. 



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