Two Sentence Horror Stories #5

Two Sentence Horror Stories

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Today is Halloween and I know there are so many people looking forward to getting back to the Halloween traditions they may have missed out on last Halloween. Good news is that spooky season is fully back. To me, it doesn’t change that much. I’m probably going to eat some Halloween Candy, play some Dungeons and Dragons, and go to bed early so I can be up for work tomorrow. I know, super spooky! Anyway, I hope you all enjoy your Halloween! Another thing that you can enjoy is the yearly tradition we have around here where I write Two Sentence Horror Stories. You can read through this list of horror stories and then check out all of the past years as well. As always, I really enjoy your support and I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!!


My friends were excited when I invited them to the escape room. Their excitement faded; however, when I led them to my basement, closed the door behind them, and wished them luck. 


Kids are always worried about monsters living in their closet or underneath the bed. Really they should spend more time worrying about the monsters that are raising them.


I always thought it was charming that my girlfriend was really into True Crime podcasts. I just realized too late that she was doing her research into how to get away with killing me.


I finally decided that I had to stop drinking milk. The pictures of missing kids would remind me of the things I did to them before burying them below the floorboards. 


The witches were thrilled for the young woman to join their coven. However their excitement was cut short when she started to add pieces of them to the bubbling cauldron. 


People are getting their medical information from Facebook instead of listening to doctors or medical experts. Some of these same people are currently serving in Congress. 

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