My Top Writing Prompt Pieces of 2021

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I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during the holidays. Christmas has already passed by the time that this is published, but the time between Christmas and New Year’s is basically a continuation of Christmas. I know I’m still in the holiday spirit and I hope you are too. We are coming to the end of the year so I wanted to take a moment and look back on the Writing Prompt Pieces I wrote this year and highlight some of my favorites for all of you. I consider these the best, but I’m sure you could argue for some others. If you are new here or have not spent a lot of time reading my stuff, this is a great place to start because I have all of the top Writing Prompts of the year broken down by month and given a small summary of what’s going on in the story. Feel free to pick and choose which ones sound interesting to you or read them all. It’s honestly pretty interesting to go back and see how my writing changed over just a year’s time. Anyway, have fun reading, enjoy the rest of your holiday, and I’ll see you in 2022!

Vibrant Gate

  • A woman is lured into the nearby woods by ominous whispers. She stumbles upon a mystical portal made of rainbow lights, but the consequences of doing so are dire.

Peaceful End

  • A Viking warrior and his men raid a nearby monastery hoping to find and kill a witch. However once they find the witch, the witch gains the upper hand by cursing the warrior with a peaceful life.

Ice Witch

  • An adventurer enters a remote village after they hear a tale of a powerful witch which possesses the power to turn people into solid ice. Once they arrive at the top of the mountain, ready to slay the witch, they realize that this tale wasn’t exactly accurate.

Journey Across The Black Sand

  • A tourist prepares her journey across the desert and is given specific instructions in order to keep her alive. At first she shrugs off the importance of these rules, but it quickly becomes obvious that the desert is a dangerous place and there are reasons for these rules.

Missing Shadow

  • After the boy’s kitty dies, he demands to go to church so he can talk to God about this injustice. This leads to the young boy talking to the local priest about God, prayer, and death.

Forest Shrine

  • A teenage girl and her friend head off into the forest with a mission to clean an ancient, abandoned shrine that was left behind and forgotten. She is just trying to do a good deed and restore the shrine, but it ends up having a much larger effect.

Accompanied By A Shadow

  • A small group is barely surviving as they endure the end of the world. However in this group is a mysterious figure that is almost a walking shadow. They don’t speak much, eat, or even breathe. The group seems ok with them, but one member doesn’t trust this mysterious stranger.

Hero’s Respite

  • An old, Elven Adventurer returns to a tavern for an annual get together with their former party members. However, through conversation with the locals, the Elf becomes aware that their friends have passed away and they are the only party member left.

The Save Humanity Protocol Part 2

  • A powerful military artificial intelligence has managed to wipe out most of humanity with nuclear weapons. However the AI then decides to clean up the mess it made and to bring together the last remaining humans. To do this, they send a self-driving Jeep into the Canadian wilderness. After the jeep is damaged it comes upon a survivor hiding out in a repair station.

Two Sentence Horror Stories #5

  • Although not technically a Writing Prompt Piece, I did want to highlight the annual tradition of writing Two Sentence Horror Stories for Halloween. I didn’t get a chance to write a spooky Writing Prompt Piece this year so these mini horror stories will have to do.

Project Lazarus

  • A Vietnam War Soldier finds themselves waking up in a new place, unsure of where they are or what happened. It is explained to them that they were caught in a bombing and died; however a new body was grown for them using a new, cutting edge cloning method.

Scarlet Door Part 3

  • Again, not a Writing Prompt Piece but I want to feature this piece on the list because I’m incredibly proud of it. This was the 700th Piece I published on the website and I had a blast writing it. The whole Scarlet Door Trilogy is really good in my opinion and I’ll say it, a little underappreciated. So please show this piece some love. I’d give you a summary of it but really it’s just one you have to read. 

Honorable Mentions:

I don’t usually include my Dungeons and Dragons inspired series on these lists because the series has strayed away from its Writing Prompts origin, but I do want to highlight it here in Honorable Mentions. For those who are unaware, I have a Dungeons and Dragons inspired series that focuses on a set of adventurers as they trek through my homebrewed world. It’s a world of magic, kingdoms, knights, thieves guilds, dragons, and so much more. It’s a series that doesn’t get a ton of views but I love writing it and I’m going to keep on writing them in 2022. They are pieces that I really enjoy writing and I just have a ton of fun with them. The most recent chapters of this series are The Long Road North (D&D) and The Long Road North Part 2 (D&D), so check those out if you like fantasy or Dungeons and Dragons. You can find the other chapters by looking through the Writing Prompts and finding the ones with “(D&D)” in the title. 

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