The Pumpkin King

An empty husk walking amongst the living.
Followed by curious spirits and mischievous ghouls.
Dark omens stay hidden in shadow.
For the Pumpkin King has made their presence known.

Large back birds gather on rooftops.
Watching the makeshift parade of misfits and tricksters.
They knock on doors, demanding sweet treats.
Anyone who turns them away will be tormented and damned.

The procession then goes to the graveyard at midnight.
There the undead join in the chorus of disorderly uproar.
The Pumpkin King dances with the members of the spectral court.
The crowds of phantoms wail and applaud.

The moonlight diminishes as the sun threatens to rise.
The wandering spirits scatter and cling to the last shadows.
The Pumpkin King just bows and waves farewell to their subjects.
For the next hallowed moon will signal their return.

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