Weekly Blog February 2nd, 2018: Searching For A Job

Hello Internet!

Well we made it through January. If you’re like me, you had to drag yourself into February. Seriously, it seemed like the month lasted forever. Hopefully it was a lot better for you than it was for me. Basically 2018 teased me with a week of good and then it was back to 2017 levels of crap. Anyway, you can’t tell from my sour attitude, but January actually was a fantastic month for the website. We broke through December’s record of views, likes, and visitors! So thank you so much for making that happen. January also had the single day record for both views and likes which happened because of all you wonderful people. One reason we had such a successful month was due to all the people reading my poems. I am a poetry novice, but that didn’t stop people from flocking to my poetry. Thank you so much for all the love and support you showed me and my poems. I’m still 100% sure that I was not made to write poetry, but I think I’ve improved a little bit. Hopefully I can continue to get better and better as we go. Anyway, thank you again for all the support from viewers new and old. I’ve gained a bunch of new followers in January, so hello new people! Welcome to the website. I hope you can find some stuff to read. There’s over 170 different posts that I’ve written in the past 13 months, so you have a lot to catch up on. I’m sure if you spend a little time on the website, you’ll find something you want to read.

Ok enough of that! Time to get down to business. Time to talking about finding a job. If you’ve spent any time trying to find a job, you know that is surprisingly super hard to do. Like you’d think that in 2018, you could just take some kind of Buzzfeed quiz based on your favorite color, ideal vacation sport, and favorite pizza topping and it would just pair you up with some six-figure job and a 401K. I mean the Baby Boomers are always talking about how many jobs are out there and how lazy millennials (like myself) are just too lazy to look up from our fancy, iPods and work. And I mean they are right in some aspects. There do seem to be a ton of jobs out there and a million websites trying to pair you up with those jobs, but it becomes more of a ocean of jobs where you’re drowning in jobs you are not qualified for rather than a exact match of your skills to an ideal job. For some people it might be simple. Type in a job title like Engineer, Nurse, or Teacher and you can find jobs that you are qualified for. But what does someone like me type in? I can’t type “Double Major in English and Political Science who would love to write books for a living, but also needs to pay the bills this month, so if there’s a nice, cushy, public sector job out there with government healthcare and dental, I’d be interested in that” into the search bar. You don’t really get anything when you type that in. And it doesn’t matter what website you are using. I’m on all of them. Monster. Indeed. Student Recruiter. WayUp. The only one I’m not is LinkedIn because no one actually uses LinkedIn. Seriously, stop trying to make LinkedIn happen! It’s not going to happen!

So yeah I’m currently looking for a job so I can pay bills and live and stuff. I worked for a small town hotel for a little over a year, but I put in my two weeks in about a month ago. Basically it was a mix of being bored and unchallenged at my old job mixed with a feeling that I needed to get out of there so I could progress with my life. I was just ready for a change. I’m sure you’ve been there before where you’ve felt similar things. Now the smart thing would have been if I would have waited to land a new job before quitting my old job, but what fun is that. Instead I jumped out of the airplane and hoped that I would find a parachute on the way down (throws up in my mouth a little…). I’m sure it will all work out. I’m totally not stressing out about it or anything. Totally.

Anyway searching for a job is actually quite a struggle and it can be really disheartening to put in applications and not hear anything back. Again if you’ve been looking for employment for a while, you’ll know the struggle I’m talking about. Like I’m sending out applications like crazy to a ton of different jobs and I haven’t heard anything back. My resume is being blasted all over the internet, and it seems like no one is interested in hiring me. It can really bring you down. Like not even a phone call or an email saying “Sorry, we’re not interested in hiring you at this moment” or “Sorry, we’ve decided to hire someone else.” I’m not saying it has to be super personal, but if some companies could just acknowledge I sent in an application and told me that I shouldn’t get my hopes up, that would be great. I’m also sending email after email to the HR of the State’s House and Senate hoping someone will reach out to me with a job. So far I’ve had no luck. On one hand I want to make sure that these people realize that there’s someone out there who wants to work for them and on the other hand I don’t want to seem too needy….even though I am really needy. Like PLEASE HIRE ME! PLEASE!!

Anyway with not working, I have a ton of free time to write stuff and watch YouTube videos while the stress of not working slowly forms a ball of iron in my stomach. So that’s fun.

So what’s been your experience with trying to find a job? Has it been easy for you or hard for you? Have you run into similar problems to me or have you been able to sidestep them? If you have any suggestions or advice about looking for a job, please leave it down in the comments down below. I’d love to read it. Or if you have some success stories of finding your dream job, leave that story in the comments. I’d love to read that as well. If you liked this Weekly Blog, feel free to give it a like. I’d really appreciate. Also spend a little time on the website checking out my other posts if you don’t mind. That would really make my day.

Thank you for all your support and I hope you have a wonderful week!



Header Photo Credit to Search Engine Journal’s article about Google Job Searches

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