Yelling At The Void

Nietzsche told of the abyss.
The void staring back.
The cold.
The dark.
The emptiness.

At times I stand on the edge looking in.
I gaze into it.
And it gazes back into me.

These moments are not sad like you imagine.
Some are joyous and others are just serious.
The void does serve a purpose.

Sometimes I speak wanting to be heard.
I want my words to have meaning.
I want change the path of the conversation.

But sometimes I don’t need communication.
I don’t need a listening ear.
I just need the void.

This gives me the chance to yell and scream knowing nothing can hear me.
My words don’t damage others or change people’s perspective.
They just are and then they’re not.

The words are produced.
They exist.
And then they disappear.

That is the purpose of the void.
It is there watching as you watch it.
It is there to consume your words.

Be careful though, because you cannot live in the void.
It cannot be your friend or your foundation.
It must be a temporary moment in your life before you return to the real world.


Cannot find the source of the Header Photo. Let me know if you know the source.

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