Writing Prompt #14: Awakening

Prompt: “Were you born to shine in one special way? What makes you really stand out?”

I barely remember my time in the cocoon. Not an actual cocoon, mind you, but that’s what they called it. I have blurry visions of men and women in lab coats holding metallic slates in their hands. Muttering about my heart and my blood and my skin. I’m not sure how long I was in the cocoon.

Right, the cocoon. I should explain that. I was barely conscious inside this metal cylinder. Suspend there in some kind of salt water. I had tubes running from the top of the cylinder into my body. There was a breathing mask on my face. I was alive, but in a form of…eh…what did they call it…

Oh yeah. “Suspended animation.” Alive but trapped in my own mind. Unable to move my body or escape the cocoon. During this time…which I guess could have been any time between hours to years. My guess is years. During this time they added all types of different chemicals to the cocoon. Some of them tasted sour, some bitter, some sweet, and some tasted like metal. They would add these chemicals and then stare at their metal slates also called portable computers. Then they would mutter to themselves and eventually they cheered. Happy that whatever they were doing had worked.

I’m guessing it has something to do with the fact that I glow. In their data they describe it with the word “Bioluminescence.” The ability to create light using natural processes. I haven’t figured out what else I can do, but their data mentions increased strength, endurance, and durability. There are some files that suggest I should be able to regenerate, fly, and be programed. The first two freak me out a little and I refuse to test to see if that’s something that I can do. The last one worries me a lot more and I’m not sure exactly what it means.

You might be wondering a lot and believe me, so am I. I should explain how I know things about the cocoon and the tests. I don’t remember that much while it was happening, but after I woke up, I was able to find one of the scientist’s metallic tablet. These tablets seemed to be some kind of storage device for information. The glass screen displays images and data. I was able to power it by plugging it into a port on the desk. The emergency power was enough to power the device and now I can use it to look at past footage of me inside the tank.

Speaking of which I should probably go back further. I keep glossing over things. The emergency power. That’s important because I think that’s the only reason I’m here and not in there… not in the cocoon. When I woke up I remember being really cold and suddenly afraid. I was suspended in the cocoon surrounded my this thick liquid that clung to my body. The breathing mask was still working so I could breathe, but I couldn’t move. I heard sirens blaring and there were flashing red lights. A voice kept repeating a message about a main power failure. Main power failure. Main power failure. Over and over.

This lasted for a while and eventually everything went black and the sirens stopped. The voice stopped. Then a few seconds later small lights turned on filling each room with dim light. A new message filled the air. Emergency backup power is now on. Functionality is now at twenty-five percent.

The liquid in my cocoon began warming up. It was a slow process, but now I know that the lack of power meant that the cocoon was no longer being chilled from the outside. My natural body heat began warming up the liquid around me. My arms and legs began to wake up and my whole body ached. It was like I had been sleeping on rocks for years. I reached out one hand and pressed it against the glass. I pounded on it with no result. I was stuck in the cocoon for a few hours as I tried pounding on the glass. I tried to move the top which was solid metal with places for the tubes to come out of. I then tried the bottom which was also solid metal. No avail.

Eventually I had an idea. There were tons of tubes coming in and out of my body. I wondered what would happen if I pulled them out. I grabbed a handful of tubes that jutted out of my right arm and pulled. Immediately there were another series of sirens blaring in my ear. Little vents opened up and the liquid drained from my tube. Eventually I was able to pull out all the medical tubes and finally the breathing mask. I kept pounding on the glass but it seemed pretty thick. I tried yelling out but my voice was hoarse like I had been screaming. Maybe it was the liquid, I don’t know.

I would like to admit that my own genius got me out of the cocoon, but I also want these reports to be honest. I was sitting there unable to get out with the sirens blaring and the low lights filling the room with a soft glow. In the darkness I started to notice something. I had a small bit of light coming off of me. I was glowing. Initially I freaked out. Lots of yelling and looking at my hands.

Ok, I realize I’m rambling here. You don’t care if my hands glow. Or maybe you do, I don’t know you. I don’t really know if anyone will ever hear this. I haven’t adventured outside of the three rooms. Homebase is where I started. Then there’s a room with supplies in it. That’s where I found the handheld data thing…man I really need to find out the proper word for that thing. I also found a cot in it which I have been using to sleep on for the past few days. There is also some kind of kitchen area. Tons of tables and chairs thrown about. I believe that’s where the Scientists and doctors ate together. I found some cans of food which I have been eating. Honestly it tastes gross and I’m not sure if I should be eating, but I don’t have a lot of options.

Oh wait. I was talking about me inside the cocoon. Ok I was sitting there and eventually the sirens stopped blaring. Then there was a grinding sound and the glass seemed to descended into the floor. I was finally free and able to move around. My next steps were to stop freaking out about the glowing skin and I wandered around the rooms. I discovered the data pad thing, explored the few rooms that are open… Oh yeah there are locked doors. Man there’s so much to tell you. Ok I know you’re going to listen to the second one here, right? I know I keep backtracking but I know so much stuff and I need to tell you about it. Hopefully there’s someone out there to listen to this stuff. Please keep listening.

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