Writing Prompt #4: Future Diary Entry

Prompt: Write a diary entry, dated 10 years in the future

Januuary 2nd, 2027

Dear Margaret.

I am writing you from the Sasebo Naval Base in the Southern Part of Japan. We are not too far from South Korea now. I’m sorry I didn’t write you sooner but we’ve been very busy preparing for the trip to Seoul. We were originally going to make our way there today, but bad weather kept us in Japan for another few days. However this has given me time to write to you. I know you wanted me to keep this as a diary, but I thought you’d enjoy the updates. Even if letter writing is old fashion. The people of Japan have been really nice to us so far even though they seem eager to get us out of here. We’ve gotten word that the British, French, and German troops have already landed in Seoul and we’re hoping to meet up with them before any type of military action happens. Still waiting for some kind of response from North Korea but reports from the South Koreans lead us to believe that anytime in the next few days could be the day that the powder keg gets lit.

I know the official story is that these are just training exercises and that they’re all precautionary measures, but they are telling us a very different story. You don’t have these huge troop reinforcements for ‘precautionary measures.’ I’m sure you’ve heard, but there are also been rumors that North Korea had finally finished a nuclear missile with the capability to hit the western coast of the United States. This has sped up the need for intervention. If the North Koreans have such a missile, it will definitely force our hand and we will have to intervene with military interaction. Regardless I’d stay away from vacationing in California this year.

I fear that there will a domino effect across the world including inciting violence across East Asia as well as the Middle East. There’s also no way of telling how the Russian Federation or China will react to military action in North Korea. There have already been rising tension in the South China Sea and a huge military increase will only make China worry more about keeping their sphere of influence. There are just so many strings that are getting pulled all at once. It’s hard to focus on the little stuff when there are world-changing consequences right around the corner.

Anyway, sorry about all the geo-political stuff. I know that kind of stuff bores you. I am having a decent time in Japan. The people try to be welcoming and families will sometimes come down to bring us a meal or talk to us. The kids love playing games with us.  Reggie and I went into town yesterday and got to see the Playstation 7 on display. The VR capabilities are something else and the graphics are amazing. Of course it will probably be delayed from coming to America if a major war breaks out.

Please hello to everyone at home and tell everyone I love them. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to kiss you on midnight and see the ball drop in New York City. I miss you so much and I will try to continue writing these letters. Seriously honey, I’ll be ok and I’ll keep on giving you updates about the situation although I’m sure you’re hearing plenty online. Love you! XOXOXO

Your husband,


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