Royal Entourage Part 2 (D&D)

Royal Entourage (D&D) The sound of the nearby explosion was still ringing in everyone’s ears as a very cold wind blew past them. It was like a sudden snowstorm had stuck the group. Near the city's gate there was a large billowing of white mist and what looked like falling ash. “Take cover!” Captain Springbloom... Continue Reading →

Sweater Weather

Joggers run down city sidewalks, Covered in fallen leaves and fresh rain. Coffee shops are full of pumpkin spice lattes, Hot chocolate with marshmallows, and hot apple cider. Football season is going strong, filling the sports bars for the entire weekend. Children and college students alike are dancing in the leaves, They jump into the... Continue Reading →


When you walk the same streets every day, The city can become a bland, gray environment. It's the same streets. Same cars. Same People. But when you choose a new path, The city can open up to a new world hiding in plain sight. Taking a street too early, Or turning left instead of right,... Continue Reading →

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