The Collected

April 2nd, 1955.

 ███████ was taken from us. Some say that she just ran away or went missing. But they’re wrong. She was taken. It wasn’t just a coincidence. It was violent. She was ripped away from us. No one believes me. Please believe me.

April 18th, 1955.

Another girl is missing. This time it was the ███████ down the street. Nice family. Always nice to everyone. Their daughter goes missing and they search everywhere. Heard she’s been hanging out with █████ ████████ They find his truck in the middle of the woods, not far from the local teen hangout spot. Truck is completely burned and blackened. One body sitting in the driver’s seat. Some are saying that it was arson. Others are suggesting spontaneous combustion. The girl is still missing. I think it’s all connected.

July 26th, 1955.

All is quiet. Still nothing can be found about ███████ or ███████. The government won’t tell us a goddamn thing. They keep trying to tell people I’m crazy. I’m not crazy. I just miss my little girl. I shouldn’t have to suffer.

December 19th, 1956.

Another disappearance. This time a whole school bus of teenagers disappeared from █████ ███ High School. A dozen kids. Gone. They didn’t let anyone get close to the bus but I heard that you could see the column of smoke for miles. Burned out. Gone. They can’t cover this up. It’s too big.

December 20th, 1956.

They say it was the communists. Bullshit.

December 23rd, 1956.

They held the funerals today for those kids. Two days from Christmas. Horrible. I tried to reach out to the families but some lawyer stepped in. Says that they are here to handle things. They are a part of the feds. I know it.

June 2nd, 1957.

I can’t confirm everything but within the past three months, over 45 people have gone missing. Burnt up. Signs of fire and smoke. Nothing left. I’m meeting with someone in ███ █████████ in three days. Says he knows more. 

June 5th, 1957.

I met a man named █████ ██████████. He believes in all sorts of crazy stuff. UFO’s. Mind control. Radio waves poison our brains. He’s a wacko. But he told me that he’s heard the US is testing some sort of experimental super weapon to beat the Russians. Space lazer. Heat gun. He says he has a buddy who got fired from the Pentagon. That they were testing a way to take people. Like forced teleportation. Just snatch them out of thin air. Leaving nothing but smoke.

I remember the way he leaned back in his chair and took a drag from his cigarette.

“Spontaneous combustion. No, they’re taking people.”

I showed him my reports of the 45 people. He says that there’s at least two dozen more. He thinks hundreds might be missing.

August 17th, 1957.

A massive fire in California. A whole hiking group has been reported missing. Is the fire a cover up? Or maybe the disappearance caused the fire. I tried calling █████ but the number was disconnected. Did they get him? Oh god, am I turning into someone like him? 

April 2nd, 1958.

This marks three years since ███████ has been taken from us. Some days I want to believe the things we’ve been told. She just ran away. She’s out there living her life. Even though I can’t be with her, she’s happy. She’s thriving. Some days I want to believe that. I really do. Some days I wish I could be taken wherever she was taken. Just take me too.

Header Photo Credit to Pexels

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