Bulletin Board: Thanksgiving Break 2021 (11/20/2022)

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all are doing well and staying healthy! I know that it has been quite a while since I’ve published a Bulletin Board Post. I started this as a Weekly Blog, but I quickly realized that it wasn’t going to be that long of a post. These Bulletin Board Posts are meant to be quick updates for all of you as well as a place for the community to have any sort of discussions. 

And I know it’s been awhile since I’ve even published a regular Weekly Blog. I didn’t think that it had been that long, but I double checked and I hadn’t published a Weekly Blog since October 8th. Oops. So, hopefully you all enjoyed your Halloween and enjoyed what little bit of fall we’ve had so far. This upcoming week is Thanksgiving here in the United States which means I’ll be taking the entire week off. I know you are all used to me not posting for a week, but that usually happens without an explanation. This is your warning that I will be taking the week off minus a small post I’ll actually have on Thanksgiving.

If you are bored this week and need some stuff to read, I have good news for you. I have published over 750 pieces here on the website and some of those are even pretty good. So go ahead and check out some of the stuff I’ve published.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I’ll see you after the break!


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