Hello, Captain

Prompt: "An old man walks alone, inside the crumbling remains of an old colony ship. When he reaches the bridge, a small ball of light emerges from the ship's console. 'Hello Captain', says the ship's A.I. 'It's nice to see you again.'"   Captain William Holt emerged from his cryogenic pod coughing and spitting. Dried... Continue Reading →

Saving Daylight

A blood ritual on the altar of time. Rolling back daylight for another hour of sleep. Trading an hour of sleep for eternal night. The people blame it on the farmers. Or blame it on Benjamin Franklin. But we still bring our sacrifices to the altar. Falling backwards in time. Springing forward in time. Trading... Continue Reading →

Pokémon HGSS#10: Legend Of The Brass Tower

Pokémon HGSS#9: Dances With Eevee   "When you said Brass Tower, I thought it would be something taller," Jonathan said looking at the chard ruins of Brass Tower. Jonathan and Beatrice were lead around Ecruteak City by Kimono Sister, Zuki, and her Umbreon and the tour ended with Zuki showing them both what remained of the Brass... Continue Reading →

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