Family Resemblance.

Prompt: “A week ago you sent saliva in to test your DNA ancestry. Today at work you are surrounded by heavily armed federal agents and put under watch.”



Four people dressed in all black had high powered weapons pointed at Katie. She stood there with her hands in the air still gloved. One minute she was in the middle of making another sub at her job and the next the whole place was crawling with people in body armor and guns.


The man yelled again pointing the weapon at Katie.

She stood there in shock looking back and forth. She was the only employ working today, but the costumer who was waiting for their sub was no huddled against the soda fountain. Outside there were many black Humvees and cop cars outside the sub shop. Red and blue lights flashing.

Katie was stunned.

“I won’t repeat myself again. Get down on the ground.”

Katie gave a little nod before moving slowly to the ground.

“Keep your hands up,” The man yelled moving towards her.

Her hands shot up.

The man circled around her and pulled her hands behind her back. He handcuffed her hands together while two other people continued to point their weapons at her head.

“Try anything and we’ll shoot you,” Another person yelled.

Katie was now crying with her face laying on the tile floor. She was in such shock that she couldn’t even speak.

Eventually she was picked off the ground with her hands handcuffed behind her back. One of the soldiers dressed in black pulled out a black bag out of a back pocket and pulled it over her face.

Katie was now completely blind. She felt two of the people grab her and she was dragged across the floor with her toes barely reaching the tile floor.

She thought about screaming, but thought it might hurt more than help. Half of her thought she was having some kind of nightmare and the other half thought she was going to die at any minute.

Katie heard the sound of a van doors opening. She was dragged towards the back of the vehicle.

They hoisted her up into the back of the van.

“Please…please don’t kill me,” Katie said through her tears.

“Shut up,” One of the men said.

She was forced down onto a seat with the black bag over her face. The doors shut and then she heard the vehicle start.

Katie could tell that there were still people with her in the back of the van because she could hear their breathing. It was muffled because of the bag, but she could still hear them.

“Where…where are you taking me?” Katie asked.

Nobody answered her.

“Please…just let me go,” Katie begged.

“Just be quiet, alright?” A younger voice spoke up.

Maybe the person felt sorry for her or maybe it was the person’s first day kidnapping people. Katie didn’t know. However, this person used a softer tone when speaking to her.

“Ok,” Katie said.

She still had tears streaming down her face. She hoped that this would all be over. Hopefully she’d wake up any minute.

They were in the van for awhile. It was hard for Katie to keep track of the time they had been in the vehicle. She tried keeping track of the path they were taking as well, but the rights and lefts became jumbled in her head. She was officially lost.

After what Katie had guessed was about an hour in the vehicle, the van made one final right turn and came to a halt. Katie had gotten so used to the gentle bangs and bumps of being in the van while it drove, that the van stopping had scared her a little bit.

There was another rustling of people as the van doors opened.

“Come on,” The gentle voice said helping her up onto her feet.

Two people once again grabbed her by her arms and lifted her from the van to the ground. They began dragging her across the ground.

“You know, I can walk,” Katie said with a little bit of force behind it.

The two people lessened their grip on Katie and allowed her to walk beside them.

Katie heard the sound of several over doors opening and shutting. Several sets of footsteps followed Katie as she was lead forward. There must have been a dozen or so people escorting Katie and she guessed they all had guns like the men in the sandwich shop.

“Where are we going?” Katie asked.

“Keep walking,” A gruff voice said poking her in the back with a metallic object. Probably the front of a gun.

Katie was lead to some sort of building. They had heavy, sliding doors which had to be activated by some sort of electronic device. She heard the beeps of a touch pad followed by a clicking sound and then another beep when the door slid open.

She was then lead down some sort of hallway and into a room. She was “helped” into a metallic chair.

“Stay here,” The rough voice said.

Katie didn’t really have any other ideas so she complied. She sat in the chair still unable to see anything because of the bag.

The door of the room opened and a new person entered the room.

“Oh come on, is this necessary?” The voice asked. “Take off the bag.”

Someone approached her and ripped the black bag off of Katie’s head.

She blinked hard as her eyes were reintroduced to light. Her vision was blurry at first, but then things started to come into focus.

Katie looked around the room.

Three heavily armored people dressed like the people in the sub shop. They stood in the corner’s of the room, two behind her and one in front of her opposite of the door, holding guns and looking at Katie.

The fourth person to enter the room was a regular gentleman wearing a suit instead of body armor.

“It’s Katie, right?” The man asked her holding a file in his hands.

Katie looked around the room at the people with guns.

“Don’t worry about them,” The man said. “They won’t hurt you unless they need to.”

This was such a thing for Katie to hear. The man talked about this situation like they were the ones in danger. Three full grown adults with weapons versus one teenage girl and he was talking like they were the ones in danger.

“Now, you’re Katie, right?” The man caught Katie’s eye contact.

Katie nodded without saying anything. She tried pulling her hands forward, but they were still handcuffed behind her back.

“Do you know why you’re here?” The man asked her.

“Uhhh…no,” Katie said still focused on the handcuffs. “Can you take these off me?”

The man walked to the edge of the table. His eyes flicked around to the other people in the room.

“I’m not sure that’s such a good idea,” The man said slowly.

“Please…I don’t know what’s going on. I…I…I’m scared,” Katie said.

Tears welled up in her eyes once again.

The man nodded.

“Ok, but no funny business,” The man said.

He gestured towards one of the men. They moved forward and undid the handcuffs using a metal key.

Katie brought her hands forward and began rubbing her wrists.

The man took the metal chair in front of Katie and sat down at the desk where Katie was sitting.

“Do you know why you’re here, Katie?” The man asked.

She shook her head no.

“I…I haven’t done anything wrong. I’ve never even gotten a speeding ticket or been in an accident. The worse thing I’ve ever done is stolen Max Harper’s cookie in Elementary school,” Katie started to hyperventilate as she spoke.

“It’s ok Katie. You’re not here because you’re in trouble,” The man said.

“…then why am I here?” Katie asked.

The man turned his head and Katie followed his sight as he looked towards a large glass panel. Katie had watched enough cop shows to know that this was probably a one-way mirror.

The man made a gestured towards the mirror and the door in front of Katie opened. Another individual dressed in the black body armor brought in a metallic tray. There on the tray was some sort of box. Katie actually recognized the contents.

“That’s…” Katie begun.

“This is a DNA test you submitted recently, correct?” The man in the suit asked.

Katie nodded.

“Yeah my Mom got it for me for my birthday,” Katie said. “I’ve always been interested in my heritage.”

“We monitor some of these DNA services. Looking for particular things,” The man explained.

“Like what? People’s ethnicity or race?” Katie asked.

“Not like that. The stuff we look for has nothing to do with someone’s ethnicity or race. It has to do with DNA makeup,” The man said.

He seemed to take his time while speaking, choosing his words wisely.

“And you think that I have something special about my DNA?” Katie asked.

She noticed that the other people in the room seemed to get nervous. They all hand their hands on their guns with their fingers only an inch away from the trigger.

Katie got nervous again while looking at the people with the guns.

“We found something…unique in your DNA,” The man said also looking around at the people with guns.

“What…what did you find?” Katie asked.

The man’s face became stern.

“We found Alien DNA,” He said.



Header Photo Credit to The Short Film: The Appointment A Mother’s Choice

Writing Prompt submitted to r/WritingPrompts by u/Bayou_Blue

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