Family Resemblance Part 2

Family Resemblance Part 1

Original Prompt: “A week ago you sent saliva in to test your DNA ancestry. Today at work you are surrounded by heavily armed federal agents and put under watch.”


Katie sat there in the metal chair looking at the man sitting across the desk from him. She sat there not really understanding what was going on. He spoke words she didn’t understand. They were foreign. Alien. Exactly that. His words were alien to her.

“Katie?” The man snapped his fingers waking Katie from her trance.

“What? Huh?” Katie shook her head.

“Did you get all that?” The man asked.

He gestured towards the DNA kit.

“We found Alien DNA in your sample,” The man explained.

“You mean like Alien DNA. Like not from Earth?” Katie

The man nodded.


“How…how is that possible?” She asked.

“That’s what we wanted to ask you,” The man said folding his hands.

“Well I don’t know!” Katie threw up her hands.

The people dressed in black body armor stirred readying their weapons. One pointed the weapon at the back of Katie’s head.

“Woah!” The man stood up putting out a hand to the bodyguard. “No need for that.”

Katie looked around at the people in the black body armor. They looked nervous.

“Why are they here? Why did you kidnap me from my job? What’s with all the guns?” Katie asked the questions in rapid fire.

“We are sorry for your dramatic extraction,” The man said without looking back at Katie.

“Are these people afraid of me?” Katie asked.

The man looked back to Katie. He began to answer, but was interrupted by an explosion.

First an explosion was heard far away. Sirens began to wail and lights flickered on and off. The body guards readied their weapons. Two pointed their guns at the metal door and the other poked Katie in the back with their weapon.

“What’s going on?” Katie asked.

“We need to get her out of here,” The man yelled at the bodyguards.

“What’s happening?” Katie asked as one body guard shoved her forward.

There was another explosion which was much closer.

“They must have found us,” The man grabbed his head.

A third explosion shook the entire room. The guards lifted their weapons at the one way mirror.

“They’re coming,” The man yelled.

The mirror shattered in a million pieces as a body flew through the glass. The body slammed into one of the guards knocking them both onto the floor. The two other bodyguards began firing their weapons.

Katie fell to the floor and covered her head.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw bullets firing from the weapons. They seemed to be ricocheting off of some sort of metal person. Like a statue made of steel.

One bullet ricocheted off of the metal person and struck the regular man in the leg. He screamed out and fell to the ground grabbing at his right leg.

“Is that the best you got?” The new person said. Katie could tell it was a woman.

There was a fourth explosion that seemed to resonate from behind Katie.

The metal woman stepped through the window. She grabbed one of the guns and ripped it from the person’s hands. She grabbed the front of the armor and threw the person back through the broken mirror into the other room. Then the metallic woman punched the other guard with the gun and the person slammed into the wall before slumping to the ground.

Katie remained on the ground. She was once again crying.

The metal woman turned towards the man with the gunshot wound in his leg.

“You can’t take her,” The man said gritting his teeth.

“Try to stop me,” The metallic woman said.

The man stood up leaning against the wall. He reached to his side and pulled out a small handgun pointing it at the woman.

“Really more bullets?” The metallic woman asked.

He then changed his target pointing it at Katie.

The metallic woman’s eyes grew large.


There was another explosion behind Katie and large bricks flew through the air smashing into the metal desk, the metallic woman, and the man with the handgun.

The man fell into the wall covered in the rubble, not moving.

The metallic woman shook off the rubble and stone.

“Really Derek?” The woman yelled out towards the hole in the wall.

A new man stepped into the opening. He was about the age of Katie, but had a completely, bald head. The man had sleeves of tattoos running up and down both his arms. He held balls of red, hot fire in his hands.

“Oh hey Delilah, fancy seeing you here,” Derek said.

“You could of killed the girl,” Delilah said.

“I didn’t know she was in here,” Derek said. “So where is she?”

The metal woman kneeled down and pulled Katie to her feet.

“Please don’t hurt me,” Katie said with tears streaming down her face.

“Girl, it’s ok. We’re not here to hurt you,” Delilah said.

“Yeah this is a rescue mission,” Derek said.

“Just come with us, we’ll explain everything,” Delilah said.

Katie was really confused about what was going on, but there no way she could fight off this metal woman. She nodded her head.

“Great!” Delilah said.

Derek pulled a walkie-talkie off of his belt.

“Come in, Max. We have the girl,” Derek said.

There was a burst of static and then a reply.

Great. Now get out of there.

“You heard the leader. Let’s go,” Delilah lead Katie through the opening in the wall.

All three of them ran away from the building. Both Derek and Delilah kept checking over there shoulders as they ran. Eventually they made their way through some alleyways to a large, abandoned building. They opened one of the large, sliding doors and made their way into a dimly lit building. It seemed to be filled with old, farm equipment.

Katie could not hear the sirens anymore.

She stood there breathing heavy.

“Please. Tell me. What is going on,” Katie said.

Derek and Delilah were still on high alert looking around. They had a lot more endurance than Katie had.

“Where is he?” Derek said peering his head out of the door.

“Hello?” Katie looked at them and threw up her arms.

“Quiet,” Delilah told Katie shushing her. “One minute.”

Derek pulled his head back into the building as the sound of police sirens came and went. Several cop cars must have passed by, but none stopped to investigate the building.

The door opened and a new man stepped into the room.

“Well that was close,” The man said holding his shoulder.

“Max? What happened to you?” Delilah ran forward.

“Just a bullet wound,” Max said with a sly smile.

Katie stood there looking at the new person. She knew him. This was Max. Katie had went to school with Max. They were in the same class since Kindergarten. Now he was standing here with a bullet wound in his shoulder.

“Max?” Katie stepped forward.

Max looked up and met Katie’s eyes.

“Katie? Oh gosh, you were the asset!” Max asked.

“You two know each other?” Derek looked back and forth between Katie and Max.

“We went to school together,” Max said with a sly smile.

Max stumbled forward and Delilah caught him.

“We need to get that bullet out of you and stop the bleeding,” Delilah said.

“Sounds good,” Max said.

All four of them walked to a small side room. Delilah and Derek helped Max get there as Katie followed behind. The side room was about the size of a one bedroom apartment. Inside there was an old couch, a dining room table, a small kitchen area, a set of bunk beds in the corner, and a television hanging on the wall. Instead of a normal television program, the screen was split into four quadrants all showing different security camera feeds. One of them was the interrogation room Katie was in.

Derek laid Max down on the kitchen table.

“Let me grab a sheet or something first,” Delilah said grabbing a bed sheet off the bottom bunk and laid it on the table.

Max laid down on the sheet.

Over the next few minutes, Delilah used a medical kit to pull bullet fragments out of Max’s shoulder.

Derek handed Max a wooden spoon.

“Here bite down on this,” Derek said.

Max bit down on the spoon giving Derek a nod. Derek heated up his hand and then placed his hand on Max’s open wound.

Max let out a bit of pain as the heated hand cauterized the wound.

After that they bandaged the wound and Max got off the table.

Katie sat down on the couch and stayed out of the way through the whole process, but now that Max was fixed up, they once again acknowledged her.

“Max? What’s going on? I…I…” Katie began to cry.

All of this was overwhelming.

Max sat down on the couch next to Katie.

“Don’t worry Katie, I’ll explain everything. For now all you need to know is that we’re the good guys. We rescued you from the bad guys,” Max said.

“Are…are you guy superheroes?” Katie asked.

“I wouldn’t go that far,” Max said. “I’d say that were more like powered vigilantes.”

“What about me?”

“You’re one of us, Katie,” Max said.




We’re bringing an universe together!
Read Up, Up, and Away

Header Photo Credit to Kristafer Anka and his imagining of Mercury

Writing Prompt submitted to r/WritingPrompts by u/Bayou_Blue

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