My Top Poems of 2020


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I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas celebrations or maybe you are still celebrating and using your new gifts. I know I’m spending the next few days reflecting on the year and all the wonderful support my readers new and old have given me this year. I managed to write some pretty good Poems this year and I’ve listed them down below by the month they were published (and a few honorable mentions at the bottom). Hopefully everyone will enjoy looking back on some of the best Poems of 2020. Go ahead and read them again if you have time this holiday season or if you are new, this is a good way of finding some of the great stuff you might have missed. Either way, enjoy!


Asymmetric Life


Thoughts Of The Wanderer 


A Quieter World


Dark Clouds Forming (By far my most popular piece published this year!)


Sunny Thoughts


Fight Against Injustice


Six Word Memoirs Part 9


 The Girl In My Dreams




Hallowed Night


Vote (Haiku)


Hot Chocolate


Honorable Mentions:

March Forth (Haiku)

Modern Day Paladins

Negative Headspace

Power To The People

Light And Justice

Comfortable Silence

Header Photo to Pexels

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